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Researches Conducted On Lime

Some believed that lime originated from India,While some opined that it came from Egypt. For whatever was their basis of arguments,both ancient and contemporary doctors once researched on Lime, and their researches proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the outer layer or the skin, the main flesh and the juice and also the small nuts inside it cured one disease or the other.

In addition,Lime contains calcium, manganese, phosphorus,Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B,B2 and B3 and also Vitamin C.


1. Mouth Odour
Instructions: Drink lime juice three times a day after diluting with half a cup of hot water. Do it for three days and watch the mouth Odour leave.
2. Darkened and Sweaty Armpits
This is one problem many people have been battling with for years. They can't even raise their hands in public or hug people due to the incessant odour coming from their armpits,hence they feel bad..This is as a result of excessive sweat coning from the armpit region,hence it gets coagulated and starts smelling badly and darkened.
But worry no more, we've got you covered!
Instructions: Get a lime juice and apply a handful of it to your armpit immediately you're done bathing. Do it morning and night,every two days and watch your armpits become clean and free of bad odour.
Note: Don't apply it too much because lime makes the skin layer lighter if applied too much.
2 Spleen Problem
Instructions: When it is evening,slice three lines and put in a hot cup of water,allow it to pass the night in the water and drink it first thing in thr morning. Continue with it for one month.
3. Burning Excessive Fat
You're becoming too fat and people are making jest of you,hence you want to get rid of it but don't want to pass through rigorous exercises? Lime is the solution! Cheap and effective!
Instructions: Put half a spoon of Akamu powder (Raw pal) in a hot water,slice lime into it and leave it till morning.
Take it first thing before breakfast for one month and watch yourself looking like a model .. Thank me later!
4. Nose Bleeding
Instructions: Soak a neat cotton wool into a lime juice and drop some of it in each pair of the nostril hole. It will stop in no time.
5. Fingernails Pain
Instructions: Put thr affected part into a lime juice morning and night,it will heal like magic.

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Chimosky (Basic)   2 months ago
Nice article


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