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RELATIONSHIP: 6 Important Relationship Advice For Singles

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RELATIONSHIP: 6 Important Relationship Advice for Singles

Going into a relationship can be an exciting adventure, it will mean leaving your comfort zone to possibly find comfort in another. There are of course uncertainties in relationships, but these uncertainties can be managed if you go into a relationship, fully prepared to handle whatever comes and to handle it properly. Falling in love can be very enticing, but it takes more than just falling in love to stay through and to sustain a relationship.

It might interest you to know that relationship is hard work and you will have to put in a little more effort if you want it to work,that's of course with the effort of your partner.. No relationship is perfect,there's got to be flaws somewhere. Every good relationship you see has got hard work put in there to make it work, and every bad relationship you see probably lacks the needed effort from both parties and sometimes one, to make it work.

If you are considering going into a relationship, here is just a few advice you might want to consider before taking that step.......


Knowing and loving yourself are two different things and are very paramount. If you must begin a relationship it's therefore necessary you attain this first, without doing so, then you certainly are not prepared for a relationship. It is only when you love yourself first, that you can appreciate another person's love and contributions.

You certainly can not love another if you do not love yourself first, even the Holy Book affirms this fact. Self love pushes you to value you and always aim for the best for yourself while looking put for others too.

Knowing yourself, who you are, what you stand for , likes and dislikes, weaknesses and strengths and so on, will put you in a better position to knowing what you really want and as such also guide you on choosing a partner. You certainly wouldn't want to chose someone who doesn't fit into your preferences, or would you? You might just have to take a quick evaluation of yourself to get the right answer. Do I really love me? who really am I? what do I stand for? And so on. Answering that will put you in a better position to knowing and loving yourself.


Change is good and it is one thing that never ceases. Changing your partner especially in a good way is important but in most cases, achieving that is not an easy task, or is it? Humans are born with different temperaments, abilities, character, sense of worth, and many more. Sometimes the things you might intend to change about a person could be what makes him/her and that will be a difficult task to accomplish. You don't take just a little while to effect change in a person nor change a behavior that has probably played a major role in his/her life.

There is a whole lot about changing a person, it is therefore necessary you know a person very well, before getting into any form of relationship with that person.. Knowing him/her will help you determine if you want to begin a relationship with him/her. A close and careful scrutiny of the persons character will help you take decisions that will save you from headache and troubles of being in a relationship with that person.


Personal growth is very important, one needs to discover oneself first before you begin a relationship so as to be able to add value to the relationship. Rather than become a liability to someone in a relationship, strive to grow yourself first in different areas before considering beginning a relationship with someone. This will give you an added value in the relationship because by doing that, you become an asset to your partner and therefore your value increases.

No one wants to keep a liability in his/her life, and It's certain you wouldn't want that too Do not make the mistake of totally depending on your partner when you are in a relationship, as this could frustrate both parties.. If you must go into a relationship, endeavor to give your partner the needed space to build his/her life while you focus on building yourself too. You can help out if necessary.

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