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Pretty Nigerian Lady Keeps Goat As Pet, Stuns Social Media With Photos Of Her 'shy' Pet, Many React

        A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to gush about her pet. The Nigerian lady took to her Twitter @mschykaa to show off her pet which is a goat.
She wrote: "My pet is selfie shy, say hi to our pet agbambo."

     It is not common to find Nigerians keeping goats as pet, dogs rank the number one domestic pet in the country.
@mschykaa's attempt at showcasing her beloved pet got social media users talking.
Nigerian man eats eba with fork, plantain and peanuts, photos generate huge reactions
Many opined that goats are better off as meat for consumption than pets. 

   Nigerian lady stuns social media with her goat pet, says it is selfie shy Photo Credit: @mschykaa have compiled some comments that followed her post:
@orkcigin wrote:
"This lady.. U r playing with the "mothers"
"If u know u know."
@EnuguGod said:
"Definitely can't be Pot-shy."
@MaziEminent commented:
"Lemme come with Heineken, dis pet so sweet die."
@dalakume reacted:
"Something that will soon turn to isi ewu."
@OnyikNony said:
"Christiano Chukwuma Ronaldo."
@PatronX360 said:
"You wey use Goat do Pet, e get the day wey you no go chop am ?? Na sweet meat sha !!"

   Meanwhile,it was earlier reported that a Nigerian man had put up his dog for N1.1m.
Where una dey see this money? Nigerians react as lady spoils herself with N390k gifts for Val, shares photos
He said that the dog is 6 months old. Many people could not just help but wonder why such a pet would be so expensive.
Many people jokingly asked if he wants to sell a house, a dog, or both as they just could not place buying the animal for that much.
Those who understood that the showcased dog is a rarity and how costly it could be asked him for his location so they can come check it out.


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