Now That It Is Over

Now That It Is Over

5 years ago

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When two brothers run for the same political position, there's posibility of dust renting the political space 
But when the chips are down and the chickens are finally back home to roost, then we will learn from our mistakes and disappointment.

Without apology, a lot of Nigerians need to visit both the homes of psychologists and psychiatrists, nothing but for anger management, brain cleansing and new orientation of voting and value system.

Get this, if you feel bad and think the election did not go well as you've expected, it's all the effect of a damaged society and poor value system.

But eureka! 2023 is another year we can do this again! Our voting is making a choice and raising our voice, you and I should be ready to make the necessary change. Not the change being traded for money as practised today.

Well, I might have my reservation about INEC for their poor conduct and the poor security system of the country, but I just hope things will get better!

Shamefully our youths have hung their future fates on the shoulders of these impious politicians.

That said, the more grevious narrative is about our Papas and Mamas who would never retire from the trade of vote selling all beacuse of the promised bread crumbs from the politicians.

These set of our people surely hold a chunck part of the problems we face today.

Money politics is what controls Nigeria and the sad reality is that it'll control the circuit for a long while because the people have been impoverished to the extent of stiffening up their brains not to be able to think outside the box to delineate the good from the bad. 
And once a man loses the ability to differentiate the good from the bad, he starts losing his human character.

I'm so much of the belief that soon, a young president will rule us in that country and also change the bad names we're known for. Although this might take take a while, but it's so definite.

For Peter's sake, we can't continue to repeat the same cycle of mistakes from ages past and still expect a different new result. 
Don't be of the general opinion that votes don't count, it will.. only if you're responsible enough as a youth

It's possible to create the change we want 
All the youths clamoring for change and freedom are the same who would rather throw away their rights and go chase down after the pot - bellied politicians crumbs.

To make it worst, many Nigerians don't even know why they are voting, hence mind manipulation of our brothers and sisters during voting.


Much lies have damaged the promised future. ðŸ˜¢

Now that the elections are over and the results are coming in, the will of the people have clearly been known. (Either their conscious will or being subverted)

Let's forget our difference, let's throw away our grudges 
Let us get together and let our bitterness leave us.

I hope someday, we will all understand a true value system. Our mentality about politics cum political parties will change and we shall promote peace and Unity among brotherhood.

And we will have a clear conscience to imagine our future before voting. 
I hope to see a generation yearning for a positive change.

We are one Nigeria. After the hustle and bustle of the Elections, we all still be friends. 
If the country is good, it is for all of us. 
We just want things to get better.

Now that the election is over and all the talking, tantrum-throwing is done
your party lost... 
mine won. 
And tomorrow, the table turns..

So let us be friends.

God bless Nigeria
God bless our Motherland..

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