Method To Get 100 Followers Daily On Twitter

Method To Get 100 Followers Daily On Twitter

4 years ago

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There are about 330 million active members on Twitter. If you can get 1000 or more about of these people to become your followers, you'll have gained a valuable real estate, more so when you hit the 10,000 followers mark. 

You'll be Abe to use a twitter account with 1000+ followers for business. You can earn a lot either by promoting your own stuff or by promoting other people's stuff.

Learn a simple method to gain 100 real followers daily on Twitter without racking your brain in the post below. Also included in the post are list of websites that lets you earn money with your twitter account.

There are two types of Twitter account, personal twitter account where you post random tweet without regards for what others think about it, and value providing Twitter account that you use to provide value to followers either by tweeting valuable tweets or by tweeting link to valuable content.

You will get the best result if you implement the method of gaining 100 Twitter followers daily with a value providing Twitter account.

If you implement the method with a personal Twitter account, you will also succeed in getting followers daily, but you will have to do more than if you used a value providing Twitter account.

STEP ONE: Create a Twitter Account

You can use your existing personal or value providing twitter account for this method or you can create a new value providing Twitter account. 

To create a new value providing Twitter account, know that Value is anything you have knowledge of or is on the internet that people would appreciate being made aware of because it is beneficial to them.

Valuable things you can choose to bring to people with the Twitter account include:

Make money online opportunities, inspirational quotes, tech hacks, life hacks, relationship advice, financial advice, investment opportunities, business promo, etc. 

After creating Twitter account, upload your personal photo or a photo that is related to the value you choose to provide with the account.

Next important thing to do is to make a promise in your Twitter bio, to provide the chosen value to people with this account.


For example you can say, you will learn beneficial life hacks from me or I will bring you life hacks that will be useful to you in your daily life.

Now go ahead and create at least 5 valuable tweets with images that fulfills the promise in your Twitter bio and post them at different hour. Remember to pin the most important one.

After posting at least 5 valuable tweets, go search for a twitter account that is providing similar value as yours. If you are using personal twitter account, search for someone from the same country as you.

On the profile of that account click on followers and start following the followers of that account. Make sure to not follow more than 20 members in a row.

As you do this, some of the members you followed will check out your profile to decide whether to follow you back and many will follow you back since your Twitter account brings value they are interested in.

NOTE: After following about 20 people, go like 5 random tweets and retweet 1 tweet from account that provide same value as yours, and post 1 valuable tweet.

If you use this method and follow 200 people daily on Twitter, you will see a steady increase in your Twitter followers up to 100 daily.

Here's a list of websites where you can get paid per tweet:

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