Malaria Parasite Test

2 years ago

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This is a laboratory procedure used to test for the presence of a malaria parasite.   Some malaria species include; plasmodium falciparum(kills), plasmodium ovale, plasmodium vivax, plasmodium malariae. 
  This test can be done with the thin film or the thick film. 
  The thin film is easier to fix and it shows the parasite shape and size of the red cells.  The thick film improves sensitivity.   
  Staining can be done with either rapid fields method (faster and gives quicker diagnosis)  or Giemsa stain(shows a slightly better colour of the parasites and red cell) 
  Plasmodium falciparum under the microscope can be diagnosed in three main stages.  They include; Trophozoite stage, schizont stage and the Gametocyte stage. 



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