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"I can never forgive him for all the lies he told me. This is wayyyy too much for me to take." Adina Lamented while at lunch with her friends. 

"No! I have called off the wedding, I found out that she lied about everything she ever told me." Justin told his mother. Lies, just like many other habits in relationships, have left couples devastated.

Where do we draw the line.


Join the conversation on this edition of MEET THE GUEST as we chat with the Relationship Boss: Efeoghene...You don't want to miss this.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Efeoghene(the great) Welcome to MEET THE GUEST on E PLUS the Storyteller Blog.

Efeoghene: Thank you for having me E PLUS The Storyteller: Great! As a relationship expert, what does this mean for you?

Efeoghene: Means for me in what aspect?

E PLUS The Storyteller: What has been the experience?

Efeoghene: My experience has been good in a way.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Okay..can you share some of these experiences? Observations thus far? In your years of dealing with cases?

Efeoghene: There is a lot to talk about.


A good relationship takes a goes beyond just seeing someone you like and falling in love with that person.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm... Tell us more, Boss!

Efeoghene: It also takes more than love to make a relationship work.

Efeoghene: Let me ask you a question.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Okay?

Efeoghene: What do you do when you find out that the person you are in love with, doesn't match up with your genotype?

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm..this is a dicey one?😊

Efeoghene: What do you do when you find out that the person "You want" is not actually the person "You need"?

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great question?

Efeoghene: So you see that there are lots of factors that can affect a relationship. That's why I say it takes more than just falling in love with a person to make a good relationship.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. interesting. Can we look at both parties in a relationship, who is considered, the liar?  For you to point fingers at anyone,something must have happened.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm..more, please?

Efeoghene: You can't definitely point to a particular person and call him/her a liar when he/she has not done nothing. In other words,that question must be well articulated before it can be answered.

E PLUS The Storyteller: What about in a case where evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt? Efeoghene: That is when you can now say who the liar is.

E PLUS The Storyteller: How do you relate with a lying spouse?

Efeme Adegor: Hmmmm. It depends on what both partner shares.


Some couples might not be able to continue with the relationship, while others, would. It all depends. As for me, I would try to talk to her and correct her "In love".

E PLUS The Storyteller: Many people would argue that the way a relationship starts determines how it would end up?

Efeoghene: Very true. How you lay your bed determines how you lie on it.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Apt👍 At what point do you think a relationship should be called off?

Efeoghene: Hmmmm. When you can no longer tolerate each other.

E PLUS The Storyteller: And I guess, that includes the lies too?🤔

Efeoghene: Yes. E PLUS The Storyteller: What are the highlights to discern trouble in a relationship?

Efeoghene: When he/she no longer pays attention to you..


It could be emotional, spiritual or physical attention.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. Do you encourage keeping certain secrets from a spouse, won't that amount to the implication of telling lies?

Efeoghene: For you to have a good relationship,there should be no secrets.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Even if it's a matter of life and death?

Efeoghene: No secrets.


E PLUS The Storyteller: What are those encouraging words you give to couples who have lost the will power to fight for their relationship but, still have the potentials to make it work?

Efeoghene: Every couple should commit their relationship/marriage into God's hand because,there is no particular method or ways in making a good/successful relationship/marriage.. The only way a relationship/marriage can be successful is when both couples serve God with all of their hearts.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Do you think Counselling plays a major role, in healing relationships?

Efeoghene: Yes...a good one E PLUS The Storyteller: What does it take to engage your services, as a relationship counselor?

Efeoghene: Just call my phone and we would discuss that, privately.😊

E PLUS The Storyteller: Okay, do you believe that habits, such as lies in a relationship, destroys the foundation and thus, forgiveness becomes difficult?

Efeoghene: Yes Ma. E PLUS The Storyteller: So it becomes a hopeless case?

Efeme Adegor: No..not at all. That's where forgiveness comes in.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Looks like it's a dicey situation, when it comes to the issue of 'lies' in a relationship🤷🏼‍♀

EfeogheneThe truth is, lies in a relationship could be very disastrous.. E PLUS the Storyteller: Well noted. Let's talk about your new product for the ladies..looks like you are also bringing on the spice for body skin? Tell us more.

Efeoghene: Yes o! Efeoghene: We found out that 80% of ladies have what we call stretch mark...


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E PLUS The Storyteller: So we would be right to say, that apart from strengthening relationships, you are successfully boosting self confidence and esteem, thereby improving the quality of relationships. 

Efeoghene: You are very correct.

E PLUS The Storyteller:Wow! A complete package, I must say. How can Efeoghene be reached?

Efeoghene: You can call/Whatsapp us on this number 07050889399.

E PLUS The Storyteller: was such a great time having you on MEET THE GUEST with E PLUS the Storyteller. Thanks for the insightful recommendations.

Efeoghene: You are welcome.

It has been another refreshing edition of MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller.

Every relationship based on lies will always break down and if not amended, will be heading for a total collapse,

The question is: How long, can a relationship dwell on lies. Let's pause and ponder. Stay tuned for more editions.

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