Like A Pen

Like A Pen

5 years ago

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like a pen when life Whisper's pay attention and listen carefully!
Like a pen! Someday maybe morality will be perfect poetry! like when fashion is our passion gives us a new identity! like meeting good people you have different perception about life! like Bad character makes other people suffer greatly A damage society is as a result of the negligence of entire villagers!! Like seeing evil and keeping quiet we are opening a Pandora's box to bring chaos!! like Lost of humanity begins when we lost conscience of protecting one another... like society tells us to be like this and be like that and you be like this and they say "not like that"! like not looking for validation. like a sense of shame will be less reaction to emotions and living in harmony with one sense, to protect our dignity like loving one another and promoting unity among brotherhood like having a sense of our own uniqueness give us a right control of our image!! like covering each others shame and nakedness like sometimes when life whispers pay attention carefully listen.. like when life is like that! you can make it like this. like thats your pen!!.

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