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I Have Two Sons From Different Mothers – Singer Portable Opens Up On His Private Life (video)

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Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has disclosed that he has two sons from different mothers.

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During an interview with Jahbless Original Intelligence, Portable spoke about his private life. He said he has many girlfriends professing love for him because of his new-found fame. He added that he has a girlfriend he really loves and wants to marry but she is now “misbehaving” because of his new “glory”.

Speaking about kids, he said he has two sons from two different women.

He said: “I have two boys, strong mafians.”

When asked about the mother of the children, he revealed that his sons are from different mothers. He, however, declined to answer when he asked about their whereabouts. He also spoke about how much he suffered before his rise to stardom. 

See video here

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