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Humanity Of Hope


The little things we do is the most significant we can be with people around us.

Hope is the only thing that keeps us going and believing in better days ahead.

No matter what happens in time, start small, give hope and be the best you can be with people.

Hope is our life's breath, we can't out live hope, expect we quit.

Untill people feel it, see it and consume it, they won't know how important hope is to us.

Hope comes with empathy for others, the pains we share and bear for one another.

Humanity should be consoling ,giving praise and hope , we need to keep appreciating those who stand in line for us all, giving their best to save lives,particularly sacrificing so much to give hope.

Life like an echo, what you send out is definitely what you would receive too, what you give is what you get, what you plant is surly what you will reap and what you see in others exists in you.

Find someone to help grow, someone to comfort and someone to touch with hope the only ways to impact souls is to go the mile and sacrifice our time treasure and talents with those who can't reward us.

Hope is the propeller that infuses grace it heals quickly and enables us not to quit even in the midst of scorching pains.

Be the hope someone needs, be the smile they are waiting for, be the joy that makes them stay alive, be the dance on their weak feet, be the bread on thier tables and a source of inspiration to carry on.

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Xmocrew (Plus)   8 mths
Thanks for sharing



Xmocrew (Plus)   8 mths
Nice one



Xmocrew (Plus)   8 mths
Very interesting




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