How To *really* Know You’re In Love

How To *really* Know You're In Love

4 years ago

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If you try to Google "how to know you're in love," you're gonna have a bad time

Here's a small sampling:

"They're always on your mind"

If someone's "always" on your mind, you're not focused on other Really Important Things. And that's a problem.

Real love fits into real life, rather than usurping it. It's calm, not overwhelming.

"You crave them" or "can't get enough of them"

"They're your 'everything'"

"You see them in your future"

"When I imagined my future job/location/adopted dog, they were always in the background of my imagination helping me out with whatever I was doing. My future just didn't really make sense without them around."

Well, I mean, damn. You fantasize long and hard enough, you can see anything in your future - like I could imagine moving to Switzerland to be a goat farmer. That doesn't mean I should.

The problem is that we've made "love" into a game of escapism, and measure potential partners by how they fit into that fantasy. That's not love.

So, sure, see them in your future - but not because they "complete the picture."

"They're the person of your dreams"

"You always want them around"


Hahaha. Clearly you have never been in a (healthy) long-term relationship.

You should usually want to see bae. But love isn't always wanting to. Sometimes you need a minute. Sometimes you need to work or do other things. Or, damn, just be.

Don't think it's not love just because sometimes you want space.

"You'll do whatever it takes to impress them."


That's scary.

Y u tryin so hard? Loving isn't "impressing."

"You're scared"

"Of losing her, of never being with another woman… the list goes on."

Healthy love doesn't involve fear of loss. That's attachment.

It also doesn't involve fear of "never being with another woman." I don't even know what that is. Low self esteem? Lack of conviction?

"You're jealous"

"They're beautiful."

"They're kind."

But this just means that they are deserving of love. It doesn't mean that you are loving them.

"You just know"

To everyone who's ever said this: y tho? pls stahp.

Don't perpetuate nonsense and call it "romance" just because you don't have suitable answers.

Tread lightly with:

"They're the best part of your day"

"Seeing my girlfriend is always the highlight of my day."

The difference here is probably what the rest of your day looks like.

Good: If you're happy with your life and your partner adds to it, then congrats. You win.

Bad: If you're unhappy and using your partner as an oasis, then you need to get your shit together.

"You prioritize them"

Bad: you compromise your own wants and needs, or base your value on your ability to "keep them happy."

How to know you LIKE them as a person:

They're different than everyone else

You like more than their looks

You want them to be happy

You'll try new things with them

They inspire you to be a better person

How to know you LOVE them:

(1) You know because you decide


It's a moment by moment decision and re-commitment. You know because it's deliberate and conscious.

(2) You know because you DO the act of loving

You don't knowingly do harm. You aren't vengeful, petty, manipulative, or jealous. Their needs never seem irritating. You aren't grabby with them, their time, or their affection in return.


You are secure without demanding constant reassurance.

You prioritize their viewpoints. You learn their love language. You think in terms of their interests, not yours, and their needs are your own. You support them. You back them. You care and take care.


You accept, and you allow.

(3) You know bc you do the act of loving even when you don't want to

You know because you love even when you're pissed. It's love if you don't "fight;" you disagree.

You love if your objective is reaching an agreement, not picking a winner.

You love if you don't get defensive, insecure, or manipulative. If you don't keep score. If you don't hold grudges. If you don't "take back your love" as punishment.

You love if you seek to understand before being understood; listen and honor what they share - and you don't double down with your own issues. If you act like you're on the same team. You listen.


You compromise. You apologize. You forgive.

You know because you love even when you're hurt. Especially honoring and respecting their wants and needs even when they include "breaking up."

What we should really be Googling is "how to love," not "how to 'know' we're in love."

So if what you want is real love, then "how to" is all that matters.

You "know" because you decide. It's love when you do it. All the time.


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