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How To Make A Groundnut Oil At Home

'Stop Buying Expensive Oil', Here Is How You Can Make Groundnut-oil At Home (Cheap And Easy)
Groundnut Oil is one of the basic cooking ingredients you will always find in the kitchen of every home. Groundnut Oil is also referred to as peanut oil.

 Groundnut Oil is a vegetable derived oil made from the seeds of the peanuts plant, and the reason why it is called Groundnut Oil is because the seed of the peanuts plant develop under the ground.

Picture of groundnuts and groundnut

 Groundnut Oil as I have said earlier is one of the type of oil that is used worldwide and also one of the cheapest type of oil.

 The Groundnut Oilhas a lot of health benefit. Groundnut Oil is high in vitamin E which protect the body from harmful substances called free radicals.

 Groundnut Oil also helps to keep your immune system strong, reduce risk of heart disease and prevent some type of cancers.

 It will also surprise you to know that Groundnut Oil is not just for cooking and frying only but also used for body massage to relieve the joints and muscles.

 Groundnut Oil also contain supplement for hair care and treatment of dandruff.

But due to the impact of the corona virus and flood, the price of food stuffs have doubled or triple in price and the Groundnut Oil market is not left out.

 Extraction of the Groundnut Oil at home is very easy and does not cost much, it also fun when we do things our self. The recipe for the Groundnut Oil is very comprehensive and you can easily get the ingredients in markets around you.

 Below are the ingredients you will need:

1.A Bowl of Fresh Groundnut (Peanuts) 

2. 3 tablespoon of very hot water.


1. Getting the Groundnut:

The Groundnut should be the raw seed which you can get from the market around you.

Tip: The quantity of groundnuts you will use depends on how much Groundnut Oil you want. But for a start, we will be using a bowl if groundnuts. 

2. Pour the groundnut in a banking tray and put it in the oven or microwave for 15 minutes.

3. Bring out the groundnuts from the oven afterward 15 min and peel and seperate the husk.

4. Put the peeled groundnuts in a food processor or blender and had the hot water.

5. Blend the groundnut thoroughly until it looks like a spread butter.

6. Once the groundnut is blended to a smooth paste, then pour the paste into a airtight container and cover it.

7. Put the container in a refrigerator not freezer, without touching it or opening it from for 24hours.

8. After a day or two strain the oil from the paste into another container. keep on straining the oil until it is dry.

Tip: The remaining paste is called peanut butter.


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