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Horse Supplement And Care For Healthy Hooves And Healthy Hair

Every good horse owner knows that a beautiful horse requires constant attention, but how do you
improve the sheen of your horse’s coat and the hardness of your horse’s hooves?
The condition of a horse’s coat and hooves somewhat indicates the state of your horse’s health, and a
surefire solution to improving the look of your horse is to enhance your horse’s health. In the case of
bringing out your horse’s true beauty, nutrition might be precisely what your horse needs.
Equine Symptoms from a Lack of Nutrition
Can nutrition improve the look of your horse? Well, deficiencies in diet can decrease the attractiveness
of your horse and lead to other problems.
For example, when it comes to your horse’s hair, improper nutrition can cause the mane and coat to
lose their luster. Oils that give your horse that sleek sheen aren’t able to be formed because necessary
fats and oils are not be present in your horse’s diet. Thinning in the coat might even occur when the
components required to formulate and grow hair are not available.
Along with negative consequences for hair, a lack of necessary nutrients can cause your horse’s hooves
to become more brittle and to exhibit signs of chipping and wear. Most horses experience natural cracks
in their hooves at various points in their lives. While breaks are usually minor, the lack of nutrients can
escalate the problem.
When hooves grow at a rate of one centimeter per month, it can take quite a time to grow out hoof
imperfections. Supplementing your horse’s feed sooner rather than later is your first step for a more
beautiful horse, but where do you start?
Components of Healthy Hooves and Hair
The best place to start is with the basics. In this case, you might begin by understanding the process that
creates hair and hooves alike. It so happens that both horse hair and horse hooves are made of the
same material. This material is called keratin. Keratin is the substance that constitutes the hard,
protective structure in the hoof wall as well as the structure of hair strands. To properly create keratin,
certain constituents need to be present in a horse’s diet.
1. Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, and since keratin is made of protein, certain amino
acids are necessary for improving hair and hoof quality. Horses need four basic amino acids to create
● Arginine: essential amino acid that can also be made from glutamine if sufficiently abundant
● Leucine: essential amino acid that is present in equine whole-grain or soybean-meal feed
● Alanine: horses synthesize alanine in their livers
● Cysteine: semi-essential amino acid that can be synthesized from methionine, another amino acid

The last two amino acids, cysteine and its brother methionine, are significant in keratin construction,
since they contain the mineral sulfur.
2. Minerals
Sulfur is a crucial constituent to healthy hair and hoofs for one primary reason. Sulfur is the element that
bonds amino acid chains together. This vital element allows keratin synthesizing cells to develop and fill
before dying and “cornifying” into the hard, protective material you know as keratin.
In addition to sulfur, materials like zinc, chromium, and selenium also provide valuable benefits to your
horse’s health. Zinc feeds nutrients through the epithelium to stimulate keratin formation and growth
while chromium and selenium assist in maintaining blood sugar levels and boosting the immune system.
3. Vitamins
Closely paired with minerals, specific vitamins also contribute heavily to keratin production, growth, and
strength. For example, B vitamins are great supplements in a horse’s diet for a number of reasons. One
bonus lies in a quality of B vitamins called water-solubility. Water-solubility means that you don’t need
to worry about vitamin buildups that could become toxic to your animal. Excess vitamins are excreted
through the urine instead of stored in the fat.
Additionally, Vitamin B2 helps to metabolize and break down proteins into amino acids. After breaking
them proteins down, this allows your horse’s body to repurpose them into keratin.
Organnact Will Make Your Horse’s Health Shine
When you feed the proper amounts of necessary materials to your house, his or her hooves and hair are
guaranteed to increase in quality and look: hardness for hooves and sleekness for hair. Organnact offers
the horse supplement that has all the amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that will bring out your
equine’s beauty.


Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength
A pelleted hoof supplement that provides nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acids required for building strong hoof capsule and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel.
11 lbs $89.95


Horseshoers Secret
A pelleted hoof supplement that contains 7.5 mg of biotin plus lysine, methionine, and other essential amino acids along with calcium, phosphorus, chelated copper and zinc and omega-e and omega-6 fatty acids.
38 lb bucket $82.95 USD


A feed additive out of Ireland containing calcium carbonate, methionine, dried yeast, MSN dextrose, biotin, zinc oxide, copper, and an amino acid complex.

The ultimate source of essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants in one convenient highly bioavailable form. Essential for healthy bone, ligaments and hooves.
500g $49.50 / 1 kg $86.50

A biotin, methionine, and organic zinc supplement formulated specifically to increase hoof growth and integrity. Research has demonstrated that hoof integrity is directly related to zinc content in the hoof wall. Contains no added selenium and will not unbalanced existing rations.
3 kg $42.75 / 10 kg $102.75

Absorbine® Hooflex
A liquid conditioner that softens, heals, and stimulates rapid hoof growth.
450 ml $22.50

Hoofheal From Cut-Heal®
A super-penetrating, easy-brush-on conditioner that achieves long-lasting moisture balance. Antibacterial and anti-fungal to help prevent infection. Aids in preventing and eliminating thrush and keeps coronary band, heel, sole and frog healthy.
473 ml $34.95 / 946 ml $54.50

Straight Arrow® Hoofmaker™
Protein-rich formula that you apply with your hands. Safe and biodegradable.
907 gm w/Pump $15.95 170 gm tube $4.95

Essential amino acids, biotin, omega fatty acids, and trace minerals supply the nutrients necessary to support soft skin, strong hooves, and a beautiful hair coat. Maintains strong keratin bonds within the hoof, reducing the incidence of cracks, crumbling walls, and thin soles.
25 lbs $252

Right Balance Equine Treats & Supplements
A palatable, digestible source of organic zinc (Zinpro®) essential for optimum hoof, skin and coat health, formulated to provide a nutritious, natural supplement for your horse. Improves cell reproduction, hoof condition, immune response, wound healing and skeletal soundness.
5 lb tub $56

Equi-Pak™ Hoof Packing
This pad/packing material – a liquid urethane – bonds directly onto the sole and frog and sets in 30 seconds. Can be used with or without a pad for comfort, protection, therapeutic support, and shock and concussion absorption.
160cc $36

Integricare TRI-ACTA
With several points of articulation and angular stress of the supporting tendons, hooves sustain tremendous amounts of force. TRI-ACTA joint supplements help reduce inflammation and maintain proper conformation by protecting the integrity of articulating cartilage, tendon-bone attachment and synovial fluid.
1 kg $119.99

A complete mineral and vitamin supplement formulated to provide optimal hoof condition and health. Provides biotin levels clinically proven to improve hoof quality.
5 kg $46.00 / 20 kg $125.00
For those horses that need extra fortification:
5 kg $65 / 20 kg $220

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair and Hoof Putty
Simply squirt this instant cleansing and repairing solution into new, old, or stressed-looking nail holes. Combine with Keratex disinfecting Hoof Putty as an effective solution for puncture wounds.
Solution 200 ml $45
Putty $35

Carr & Day Daily Hoof Dressing and Ointment
The world’s original hoof ointment is also available in an easy brush-on formula. Ideal for maintenance of all hoof types.
Dressing 500 ml
$36.50 Ointment
250 ml $26.50/500 ml $36.95

Sturdy, durable, lightweight, and safe, the Hoofjack® comes complete with cradle, straight post, magnets to hold your tools, and an instructional DVD. Available in sizes for the smallest mini to the largest draft. Use for picking, bandaging, trimming, rasping, shoeing, and more.
Medium/standard $264


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