Great Workout Apps To Help You Stay Fit At Home



Great Workout Apps To Help You Stay Fit At Home

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A basic gym membership can be expensive. Not only do you need to pay a monthly fee but the gas money for travel isn't cheap either. Add this to the time commitment necessary during an already busy schedule and the desire to reach your fitness goals will begin to diminish.

Regular exercise reduces the harmful effects of stress. Attempting to cram a workout into a hectic schedule could do the complete opposite and tack on even more stress. Instead, why not take advantage of the many readily available at-home fitness apps?

10 Best At-Home Fitness Apps

Fitness apps offer plenty of features for the time-limited consumer. Most will offer both on-demand videos and live classes covering a multitude of different exercise regimens. Everything from yoga to High Intense Interval Training (HIIT), is possible right from the convenience of a mobile phone.

The equipment requirements vary between a couple of dumbbells or a resistance band to nothing more than your own bodyweight. So, no matter how much time you have to dedicate toward your daily fitness, be it five minutes to an hour, there is a workout program for you.

Here are the top 10 best at-home fitness apps we feel will help you get your sweat on.

8fit Workout

Achieving a slimmed down look isn't all about the exercise. What you eat plays just as big a role. The 8Fit Workout app supplies both sides of the equation with exercise programs and meal plans.


You'll get weekly nutrition advice combined with HIIT workouts geared toward your experience level to help you burn fat and boost metabolism.


FREELETICS has 140+ exercises and 900+ workout variations designed around HIIT. It comes with an AI coach that will keep you in the game and help push performance improvement. The coach will also learn from your feedback and help tailor workouts to your experience level. Each workout session lasts between 10 to 30 minutes and requires minimal to no equipment.

Seven Workout

Follow along to 3D animated moves and audio cues with this at-home fitness app designed for minimalists. Seven promises a full workout to help reach your fitness goals in only seven minutes a day. 

The required equipment; a chair, a wall, and your body weight. What it lacks in flashiness, it totally makes up for in the routines, which you can do from anywhere. You'll be challenged to keep up with a workout each day. Missing more than three workouts in a month will reset all progress, starting you over from day one.

Boxx Workout

Fancy yourself a boxer? Turn your living room into a boxing studio with the Boxx Workout app. Boxx offers free on-demand boxing, HIIT, strength, cardio, and yoga classes that you can do at home with minimal equipment. 

Looking for more guidance? For $3.55 a month, you can get a nutrition plan along with your workout to aid you on your fitness journey.


To achieve a superhero-like body requires a superhero's training. Centr was created by Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and offers 20- to 40-minute workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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Cinque Terre
You get HIIT, yoga, and mixed martial arts to help you carve the fat, feel the burn, and sculpt your physique. 

It's a bit pricey at $29.99 a month, or $120 per year. However, for the price you do receive workout plans, meal plans, and recipes from Mr. Hemsworth himself.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a fancy stationary bike to benefit from Peleton's thousands of on-demand classes. It offers access to indoor strength, cardio, and yoga training classes as well as outdoor guided runs. 

You'll get curated playlists for whatever workout you choose and can enjoy all Peloton has to offer for free during the first 90 days.

Nike Training Club App

Led by Nike's Master Trainers, the Nike Training Club app is loaded with over 185 free on-demand workouts for both beginner and advanced experience levels. The workout durations range from 15-90 minutes and are designed around the equipment you do, or don't have. 

You'll get guidance from the Nike Master Trainers on more than just your workout. They have advice to help build healthy habits via nutrition and wellness to keep you on track to hit your fitness goals.


One of the older apps on this list is Aaptiv. You get access to over 2500 on-demand workouts which is continuously added to on a weekly basis. Begin training for specific events such as 5Ks and marathons with some of their tailored programs covering 14 disciplines including strength training and guided running. 

Partner up with friends to attack daily fitness challenges using Aaptiv's social component or create your own daily workout plan to achieve your desired physique.

Daily Burn

A standard subscription of $14.95/mo gives you unlimited access to Daily Burn's workout videos and training programs. Each day provides a brand new workout program, designed to be equipment free, and includes training for all skill levels. The program only lasts a day for standard subscribers, meaning if you enjoyed the workout plan for Tuesday, it will no longer be accessible by Wednesday. 

You'll need to purchase the premium subscription at $26.95/mo to get access to the full archive of Daily Burn 365 workouts.


You'll also receive an additional 600 workout videos called Fan Favorites, and audio workouts. The app does offer a 30-day free trial to see if the monthly subscription is worth the cash.

My Fitness Pal

More of a fitness tracker, My Fitness Pal is a product of Under Armour. The app focuses on helping you achieve your fitness goals by making it easy to track your nutrition and exercise. You'll get a built-in food database featuring over 300 million items to accommodate almost any diet plan. Set your own goals and watch how your daily food intake and exercise influence those goals. 

You can sync this app with other fitness apps to import workout data and update daily nutrition goals in real-time. The app even reminds you throughout the day to drink water. It's the perfect complimentary app to your at-home fitness specific app.

With this list you should have no more excuses. All it takes is a quick download and the will to meet your fitness goals. Please check out any or all of the above apps we've discussed, and if you already use an app for your at-home fitness, we'd love to hear all about it in the comments.



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