First Love Shenanigans: 4 Things Most Of Us Did In High School Relationships

First Love Shenanigans: 4 Things Most Of Us Did In High School Relationships

5 years ago

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Between parent-teacher meetings and bunking classes, high school opened our horizon to a warm fuzzy feeling - love! Most of us felt the first rushes of the ishq waala love during our school years, and the memories are as fresh as ever - right from sitting together in class, celebrating the extra cheesy valentine's week to those romantic recesses. 

Here are 4 points that will take you back to those “butterflies in my stomach” high school relationship days:

1. Bunking Lectures Together

Remember the thrill of bunking lectures just to spend some extra time with your sweetheart? Yeah, we have all been there. While it seems like a trivial thing now, back in school, it was a big deal. 

Getting an excuse to bunk look legit and finally leaving the class was an achievement on its own. Phew, the things we do for love! 



Saving Money For Gifts!

Nothing matches the happiness of gifting your loved one something worthwhile! You try and save every penny that you can from that monthly pocket money. Getting the perfect gift means the world to you and you try to do anything to make it a special one for them.

3. Borrowing Cars & Bikes For Special Dates 

Remember when your boyfriend used to bike-hunt and borrow cars just so he could pick you up for a special date? Honestly, it's these little things that make us fall deeper in love! 

Seeking help from friends, borrowing cars and bikes are all a part of the ultimate high school relationship experience.

4. One Kiss Is All It Takes 

The first kiss is a milestone event in any high school relationship.


We scavenge online websites, watch videos, discuss it with our mates for days beforehand, and what not! It’s a big big deal after all. The nerves are all over the place. You play the moment again and again in your mind. And then, it finally happens. And it becomes the most magical thing ever!

Honestly, high school relationships have a certain innocence and charm that is irreplaceable. Bringing these memories back and more, the popular web series FLAMES is back with season 2. The MX Exclusive and TVF Original will see Ishita and Rajjo’s teenage romance unfold as a chemical reaction in the second term! 

By Yashita Vashishth

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