Lust Dreams 2

Lust Dreams 2

2 years ago

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Avoiding tunde’s call for days, Rose was confused on how to handle the situation, after 6 years of serious relationship.Why didn't Tunde use her those six years if he was a ritualist? She ask her self with a doubt. 

Tunde became distrubed, He was thinking something bad happened to Rose. Rose that will pick his call within seconds, reply his chats in a flash but now it has lasted.He decided to visit rose. The day he came to Rose's apartment, she refused to open the door still in fear. She begged Aya, her close friend since college to tell Tunde that she wasn't around. For an unknown purpose, Aya carried the project without asking questions. After few minutes she was back.


Rose was shocked, could words make Tunde go just like that? Rose asked Aya how she made Tunde leave. Aya gave her a cold respond. 

She left, banging the door hard. This made Rose suspicion grow. Why will Aya behave like this after years of friendship. She began blaming herself for breaking both her relationship and friendship. This month, you are cursed.


She shouted at the calendar. A message popped out of her screen. It was from Aya.....

Rose, Remember Ebuka of Enugu-ukwu you snatched from me in college? You cost me a marriage. Rose, I have been holding this against you since then. I have been trying to snatch tunde from you but it seems impossible. It was recently I meet this old man.


A strong native doctor. He manipulated you, that dream you told me was all part of the game. For your information, I told tunde to wait for me in bed. 

One good turn deserves another.. She ended it with a slimming emoji.. Rose eyes was on screen as she scrolled down in tears.......

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