5 Things I Did To Keep Myself Sexually Satisfied While My Partner Was Away

5 Things I Did To Keep Myself Sexually Satisfied While My Partner Was Away

5 years ago

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Sometimes our partners leave us and go for work trips and family holidays. It is quite unfair but ab kya karein? It’s something you cannot fight about. So, you make do with keeping yourself distracted. When I got to know my boyfriend would be travelling for nearly three weeks, I didn’t want to come across as the ultra horny girlfriend he’d left behind. So, I made sure I had a strategy for when I was feeling the mood. Here are a few things that really helped and will probs do the same for an awkward dry spell in your life too! 



Watching more porn 

Whether you end up masterbating or not, watching porn can be quite relaxing when you are missing bae. It acts as a visual cue for all the kinky stuff you might have indulged in yourself and leaves you feeling more satisfied than before! 

2. Masturbating

Yes, as women, we all do it and no, it doesn’t need anyone’s sexist and patriarchal judgement. While my partner was away, I found it easier to masturbate than wait another week to feel something. It’s easy, you can dictate what you want and it doesn’t come with the fear of a pregnancy. When the partner is away, the hands come out to play! 



Sexting more often

In a relatively older relationship, you tend to forget about sexting. You meet regularly and do the deed so often, you don’t feel any need for it. When my boyfriend was away, I found myself being more risque via text than I had been in a while. It kept things very thrilling especially since I knew he was probably in a conference room amidst people while texting me back. 

4. Exchanging more photos

Whether they were cute selfies or racy nudes, the more the visual aids, the easier the time apart. Everyone wants to see what’s happening for themselves instead of reading it described via text.


Even everyday conversations were more interesting and helped in bridging the gap. 

5. Talking about our next ‘date

We created a countdown of sorts about the next time we’d be meeting. In the meantime, if there was anything new we wanted to try or were just feeling the passion, we made sure we expressed it to each other. It almost became a verbal promise, which, when it happened in reality, amplified the thrill.

By Srijoni Roy

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