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3 Medical Reasons Why Pap (Akamu) Should Be Taken Regularly

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Pap, which is commonly called Akamu, is a meal which most Nigerian homes do not joke with especially when the weather is cold. It serves as a natural body heater when taken during a cold period.

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Well, pap is a food which can be found in our breakfast menu, lunch or even dinner. Taking pap all the time has been found to proffer solution to some health problems we may be experiencing today.

However, both children and adults take this delicious food which is made from corn. So, this article offers about three medical reasons why we should always take pap.

1. One of the reasons is because, it helps a person suffering from diarrhea to regain lost fluid. A case whereby the body lacks water is known as dehydration.

Pap is a meal with high water content. Taking it regularly will help to replenish lost fluid in the body. The link from national daily has more to say below:

2. Many times, some people experience loss of energy and feel too tired to do anything. Medically, this is something that should not be neglected if it persists.

Well, another reason why pap should be taken regularly is because, it can provide us with the right amount of energy that we need, because of its high nutritional value and high content of carbs.

3. Today, there are lots of person that are suffering from high blood pressure. They take drugs almost on a daily basis to control this ailment without knowing that pap can help out with this work.

This gives another medical reason why pap should be taken often. Pap contains potassium but has no sodium, and this makes it safe to take in order to regulate blood pressure.

Well other medical reasons include boosting lactation in nursing mothers, removing wastes from the body, helping to digest foods and many others.

Akamu can be consumed together with other items like bean cake, moi moi, bread, beans and any other right combination.

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