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3 Major Kinds Of Cheat, Which Do You Belong?

Cheating has become part of human recent times and to some people it is something they cannot do without when other feels they have done something really bad and unforgivable.

With my experience so far i have seen different kinds of cheats which i will explain in this post.

1. The chronic cheat:

This kind of people don't even feel sad when they cheat because they have turned cheating to duty and obligation.

Not that they don't get what they want from their spouse but that is what they have made themselves to be which has been their usual way of life since time immemorial.

They can't feel any how as they have lost their conscience long time ago, they cannot even cope without cheating, to them it is a sin not to cheat.

For this people, their spouse knows they are cheating but they just need to keep their calm and watch as the movie unfolds, they are indifferent about it as they are independent in case anything happens.

People in this group are mostly men.

2. Occasional cheat:

These are the type of people closely related to the first group. They feel it is not normal to always eat a particular kind of food always.

They feel the spouse is for life and the home, so, they also need to roll along with life.

For the fact that people that belongs here do all they can to make sure that their spouse didn't catch them says it all.

They are also being conscious as they don't want to lose their partner and thereby destroying their union, this is why they make sure the road is all cleared with proper planning.

After they are through they make sure they don't leave any hole for lizard to walk through.

For the people under this group, they pretend to be loyal when they are at home but they have other hidden intentions within.

They perform those magic outside with their whoever and pretend to be a good and loving husband/wife inside.

3. Conditional cheat:

This kind of people are those who cheat because of the situation they find them self.

It might be that they are going through tough time with their spouse and out of consciousness they find themselves lying in the bed with an opposite gender.
This is common among bad drinkers who feels the best place to have a quite time is the bar and they get themselves drunk and into trouble.

Some who also falls under this group are those ones trapped.

They claim to go for a meeting and at the end of it all they lodge them in an hotel with "a gift"(you understand). This is what this kind of people get as a result of keeping company with those chronic cheats.

But this is one truth, either you are a chronic cheat, occasional cheat or conditional cheat the fact remains that you are a cheat and no other name.

On a lighter note, which group do you belong?


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