25 Habits To Let Go By The Time You Hit 25, Cuz YOLO Only Looks Good In Texts

25 Habits To Let Go By The Time You Hit 25, Cuz YOLO Only Looks Good In Texts

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Turning 25 is a year of many milestones. You are now a true adult who is expected to hold a job, have completed at least your graduation if not your masters. While a lot of things are expected of you, there are a few you should expect out of yourself as well. Here’s a list of habits and things you should let go off by the time you reach 25. Because you might feel like a kid, but you’re not. You’re closer to 30 now than you are to 18. 

1. Binge-drinking your face off at open bars and making a complete fool out of yourself.

2. Thrift shopping, because the key to adulthood is--buy little but buy good. Shopping at Sarojini Nagar is affordable, but not sustainable.

3. Your entitlement.


You don’t “deserve” something unless you have truly worked for it.

4. Believing in cheat days rather than having a balanced diet all throughout the year.

5. Believing that your body is okay without any physical activity.

6. Thinking that not responding to someone is sweeter than politely rejecting. 

7. Live in a bubble that everyone has “the one” assigned to them. No, sis!

8. Being proud of your attitude rather than fixing it.

9. Asking for money from your parents despite being employed. High time you became financially independent.

10. Financial independence also means it is high time you start investing and saving money for a rainy day. 



Wanting people to react or act the way you want them to.

12. Attaching yourself to your partner so much that you both are left with a MIA friend circle.

13. Being rude to someone because you don’t like them. Suck it up, girl, life is not your parents’ home.

14. Not tipping at parlours and restaurants.

15. Living your life on your parents’ terms.

16. Thinking that your clock is ticking and you need to get married.

17. Not packing a tiffin for work. You’re not just saving money, you’re getting up early and ensuring you eat home-cooked food.

18. Comparing anything in your life to that of friends and influencers on social media.



There is no pride in staying up late at night, except for some occasions.

20. Thinking short-term is the biggest hindrance to your goals. Have patience.

21. If you’re making excuses, then you probably didn’t want it that bad in the first place.

22. Don’t expect people to stick around if you cannot agree to let go of your controlling behaviour.

23. Your dependency on social media, phones, television and everything you while away hours at, because it is a form of addiction at the end of the day.

24. Delaying a task. Get your work done now so that you are free later and the next day, or even the whole week.

25. Overall give up on an unhealthy lifestyle all together--eat healthy, stay fit, think good. 

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