Who Are You Voting?

Who Are You Voting?

2 years ago

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Igbo's supporting Obi are tagged IPOB,
Yoruba's supporting Obi are tagged infidels,
Hausa's support Obi are tagged fools.
Other tribes supporting Obi are tagged tribalists.

Notice how they attack his supporters more than they even attack him.

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Cinque Terre
It is because this war is between us and them, not them and Obi.

Whether you're involved or not, once you reside in the camp of ones enemy, you become a target as well.


Stand up and fight or sit down and become the spoils of war.

Now we have a chance, let us make full use of it.

Don't had a good day, may your day be as bright as your smile๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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