'I Will Be Back Soon Baby' — Young Lady Sheds Tears As Her Boyfriend Travels To Dubai

'I Will Be Back Soon Baby' — Young Lady Sheds Tears As Her Boyfriend Travels To Dubai

2 years ago

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A young lady could not hold back her hot tears as her boyfriend was about traveling to abroad in and emotional video that was recorded at the airport.
In the short clip, the boyfriend held the girlfriend, putting her head on his chest.

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Cinque Terre
It was such an emotional moment for both of them as the lady was unable to stop crying.

There were sounds of "aww" from the crowd in the video before the boyfriend made his way inside the airport.

A part of the emotional video showed him in the aeroplane, looking sombre as he wore his dark sunglasses.

Many people who watch the video had reacted, saying that the man should not let the lady down and make sure he come back for her.

See the video snapshot below:

As at the time of writing this report, the emotional video has generate over one million views with over 900 comments.

Read people reactions below:

@Anse_Of_Absu reacted: "Make sure you make it over there big bro and put a smile on mama."

@Prince Oby noted: "As you left she already in another man house don’t think too much, just go work for money ohb."

@Adeola Homolara stated: "Forget about him already because is not coming back for you.


you lost him."

@Happiness reacted: "He go still cheat. Dubai guys ehhnnn fear dem, he will deny not having a gf back home."

@mhizdiamond250 stated: "please don't break her heart oo I can feel the tears in her eyes i remember when my boyfriend left and he didn't come back for me again."

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