At The Photo Studio Epd8

At The Photo Studio Epd8

At The Photo Studio Epd8 Andy  

2 years ago

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I had lost my composure,I was trying to put my self all together,I wasn't in my right senses.
I breathe in and out before taking the call.

   'hi....ii. I stuttered.

"Hey handsome,i just got your message on WhatsApp,just checking up on you"

        "Oh thanks dear" ...that was all I could say.

"Heyy!,are you okay,you sounding so cold.....
I chipped in immediately. "Am fine, just a bit tired.

"I know right, work is really stressing, anyways I forgot my scarf at the studio,I will soon be on my way back".. she said and dropped the call.
I was already sweating profusely,I had to leave the dressing room,lost in thought.

God how am I gonna look at Vicky,well,it got nothing on me, she should be ashamed instead,she has a boyfriend and she just kissed another guy.....
     "How fr guy?...Raph greeted snapping me off my thoughts.
"Omo I just dey oo" I replied shaking hands with him.
Vicky was not at the reception room,I inquired and Raph said she's been acting weird and won't talk to anyone.
Just then Allison walked in on us.
"Hii!...she greeted and hugged me lightly. Raph winked and left us standing.
Victor just came out from nowhere,hissed loudly and eyed Allison.
   "girl my boss request your presence in his office right away". He commanded.
Allison was pissed at his manner and fired back.
   "Tell your boss,I am not.....

"C'mon dear,please just go"...I begged.

She left reluctantly.

Few minutes later,i was passing by big show's office to get to the balcony when I over heard their convo.

..... But I really like you!. Big show confessed.

WTF!...I almost screamed. Boss is crushing on my crush,what a crushing twist!.

The twist just got more twisted!
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