Young,dumb And Broke Pt1

Young,dumb And Broke Pt1 Andy  

3 months ago

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She was resplendent with a sort of beauty that defied description. She was a little tall, had a coffee-coloured complexion that shone, a slow and controlled carriage that made her nicely carved hips sway sensuosly and her soft but firm and beautifully proportioned behind jerk mildly.
So, I asked her for a date...and, dear reader, that was how I nearly walked with my eyes wide open into trouble and embarrassment.

On that day, the day we were to go out, I did everything possible to make sure it ended successfully- if you know what I mean. I called to remind her and she called me 'Baby'. Baby? Chai! I couldn't believe my ears.

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Cinque Terre
Miss World calling me Baby? I danced around my shabby and sordid little room, did a somersault on my mat-flat mattress, danced into my kitchen that had a pot of rotten beans that swirled with maggots right on the grimy sink overflown with dirty plates and cups, danced into my bathroom and right back into the room, sweating like I was deep-fried. I had a quick bath, whistling tunelessly, humming noisily and finally bursting into a love song that I knew not past the first two lines and the chorus. She called me baby!

Two hours later saw me walking with faltering steps towards her hostel wearing a frayed-at-the-edge slacked white shirt that had turned yellow as an inevitable result of constant and relentless washing, an equally dead, stone-washed pair of it-was-once-blue jeans, big enough to contain two of me, and a pair of glorified slippers I called a 'pam'.

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Cinque Terre
I wasn't so sure of myself now. I very nearly walked back but I screwed and steeled up my nerves, dialled her numbers with shaky fingers while I cursed the overpowering effect of my poverty, and made the call to get her out. In a minute, She was out. She wore a flowing, baby blue gown that stopped an inch above her knees and a simple flat shoe. She looked more resplendent than ever. She walked up to me, ran her large eyes over me with a thoroughness that made me uneasy and suddenly angry and then, forced an obligatory smile. I must've felt, with her, as out of place and as embarrassed as a eunuch in a reproduction class.


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Hahahaha, I laugh in Swahili