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5G Technology: Nigeria’s Best Chance At A Digital Economy

5G Technology: Nigeria’s Best Chance At A Digital Economy Ndoma  

2 months ago

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All indications at present give a green light that Nigeria is set to tag into the 5G technology like other countries of the world
– The introduction of 5G technology will give Nigeria a cutting edge to retain its status as Africa's largest economy
– According to the NCC, licensees are expected to commence roll out of 5G services effective from August 24, 2022
Unlocking the treasure box for development requires the will for change, risks, consistency and diversification.

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Cinque Terre
Adopting a model that is tailored towards willing and yearning for development is the master key to unlocking sustainable development.
The advent of 5G technology helped the
world to transcend into another phase of development which has now brought about a fast pace digital economy.
NCC CEO, Umar Dambatta has revealed that Nigeria will be launching 5G in August 2022.
Photo: NCC
Technology world powers like China, Japan, Korea, Russia, the U.S and the U.K are the few amongst the lot who promulgated this new invention.
G7 touts $600 bn global infrastructure plan to rival China
Just like these tech-world powers, Nigeria is now on the verge of launching the 5G technology in August.
However one of the most frequently asked questions is, how an electronic wave technology foster development and bring about a digital economy.

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