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Welcome Me Pls
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am i welcome to this forum?
Kindly Help Me Walk Through Pejoweb
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I was once very active on this platform until some things came up and I had to go on a break. 

Its been a while I checked on my Pejoweb account. I came in today and saw a lot of changes that can not be easily understood or explained.
Can't find some common icons like create post, earnings, and so on. 

I will like to know where I can view my past earnings and how earning on Pejoweb works of recent. 

Kindly put me through or drop any link that I need to get me informed. I hope I'll be able to return to being a full time creator on this platform. 

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Cinque Terre
Fake Tether Usdt Sender Software 2022
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fake tether usdt sender software 2022
Fake usdt sender software is a software available in APK, iOS and EXE.
Which means, you can use this software on, your PC, your mobile device and iOS device
Like you all know CoinCeller is a fake Bitcoin sender,
This particular software works only on usdt and has no limit of transaction you can do just like other crypto flashing 
The fake usdt generator software has gained popularity as we've seen more cases of fake usdt that have been received. It's called fake because even though it confirms and displays in the wallet it has no real market value. It can't be exchanged. The fake usdt generator software is used to send fake tether to any wallet.
✅All wallets supported
✅Available for mobile and desktop devices
✅Tether sent can be checked on etherscan
fake tether sender
Tether tokens are the most widely adopted stablecoins, having pioneered the concept in the digital token space. A disruptor to the conventional financial system and a trailblazer in the digital use of traditional currencies, Tether Tokens support and empower growing ventures and innovation throughout the blockchain space. Tether Tokens exist as a digital token built on multiple blockchains.
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Do you think Peter obi can win the presidential election in Nigeria?
How Much Are You Willing To Pay For PEACE
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Do you believe that having a honest, intelligent conversation with people can mend your differences? 
Then you haven't really had any worthy disagreements with anyone (or you havent been exposed to real life issues).
Wait till you do.
And before you say, someone is talking trash. 
Do you think no one in the world is smart, intelligent, holy or moral enough to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine? You think people smarter, thoughtful and who have access to more resources than you do haven't tried to broker peace?
You think smart couples like Bill & Melinda gates, who can afford anything money can buy, didn't attempt to have a conversation?
Infact! There are times when trying to get a conversation leads to an escalation.
Infact! There are times when trying to get a conversation leads to an escalation.
Wake up (I am not referring to the woke movement here)!!! 
There are many differences that are meant to be! (It's called conflict of interest) because the other party is asking you to give them all you have.
It takes "more than one person" to create peace.
The price of toxic peace is prison (or lack of freedom) which is worse than war itself.
To put things in perspective, imagine the other party with two eyes asking for your right eyeball because he seems to have more power, but your right eye is your only working eye, do you give your only eye to someone who has two or you die fighting with it?
If you still can't grasp what I m saying at this point (you are not dumb) somethings are best explained by experience (and you are not a fool either). You can't explain labor pains to anyone who hasn't experienced it.
It's only the liberated who have given up (or have completed) their responsibilities that can give up everything, even their own life without a fight.

Note: Before you try WAR, try PEACE
©️ Peter Oriavwote
Where And How To Promote Your Posts? Please Read
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No matter how great your posts are, if it doesn't reach your target audience. It would be a wasted effort.
The aim of every influencer is to get themselves or their work (or both them and their work to be noticed). 
To get noticed, you need to promote your posts to the people who would love it and even share it without asking them to.
This is not just a list of groups you can share your posts, it explains how to use the list to your best advantage.

1) Facebook groups

You don't have to join just any Facebook group. Look for niche groups that you can tailor your post towards (relationship groups, News groups, exams group, memes group, comedy and entertainment groups, various educational groups, international news groups, Nigeria news groups, etc)
Introduce yourself in those groups and ask for permission to post atleast one article pertaining to the interest of that group daily. If the admin(s) declines your request, respect their wishes and move to another group.

2) Twitter

Twitter is very popular in Nigeria. Look for trending topics on Twitter. Create post about those topics, then share your post on Twitter with the trending topic hashtags.

3) Your class, school or religious groups

If you take permission from your rep to post content that would be useful to everyone, I am sure the permission would be granted.
Just make sure the post you are making would appeal to people in these groups

3) Nairaland

It seems to still be very popular among Nigerians.

4) Word of mouth

Tell your friends to support you, by signing up on Pejoweb and leaving likes and meaningful comments on your posts. If they are trully your friends/family, they would join and support you.
To get great results, you must put in great effort.
Please add your own list in the comments to benefit every influencer and aspiring influencer.