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*REMEDY FOR MOUTH ODOUR*Gum Disease Is One Of The Major Caus...
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Gum disease is one of the major causes of a bad breath.
Here is the easiest natural cure to that mouth odour that you can use to treat yourself at home.
1) Cloves.
2) Cinnamon Powder,
3) Lemon juice
4) Salt.
* Grind a couple of cloves in a mortal and add cinnamon powder
* Mix the powder and squeeze one lemon inside.
* Add 1tablespoon of salt and mix well.
* Use a hard toothbrush to wash your mouth with this mixture.
* Make sure the mixture reaches the cavities, do this for one month then be free from mouth odour.
**Simple But Healthy Homemade Smoothie With Health Benefits**<div>
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**Simple But Healthy Homemade Smoothie With Health Benefits**
1. Banana (peel off the skin)
2. Milk
**Method Of Preparation**
 In a blender put your banana and add liquid milk into it and blend it till it's smooth. 
After that pour it into your glass and put in the fridge to chill before you drink if you want to enjoy it chilled.
Note: you can use already chilled banana to make it, if you want to drink it immediately.
**Health Benefits**
1. Banana contains minerals and vitamins which nourish our body and boost our immune system.
2. Milk contains protein which repairs died skin cells and promote growth.
Note: Another thing you should know is that this smoothie is for everyone be it kids or adult.
Note: You can take it in the morning or before bedtime. 
**Different Home Remedy For Different Sickness**
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**Kidney Stones Home Remedy**


1. Apple cider vinegar ( 2 tablespoon)

2. Honey (1tablespoon)

3. Warm water (1cup)


Mix the apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey into the warm water. 

Drink this remedy a few times a day.

**Heartburn Home Remedy**

Banana is a natural antacid. Have one daily before bedtime

**Piles Home Remedy**

1. Eat two bananas daily. Drink eight glasses of water daily. 

2. Eat more of garlic and onions

3. Avoid Oily and spicy food.

**Sore Throat Home Remedy**

1. Honey (1 teaspoon)

2. Lemon juice (1/2 of lemon)

3. Warm water (1cup)

Mix all the listed ingredients together and sip it slowly.

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**Ways To Boost Your Ovulation And Get Pregnant Faster**
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**Ways To Boost Your Ovulation And Get Pregnant Faster**

There are different things you can use to boost your ovulation, it's what we see everyday,in fact it's very common to us but we don't know the health benefits of it and what it does in our body.

Items we are going to used to boost your ovulation is just three things that is very common every where, which are
1. Okra
2. Guava leaves
3. Aidan

This three things i mentioned are very easy to get because they are everywhere so you can easily find them.

Sometimes what causes ladies not to get pregnant is because of abnormal ovulation that is why I'm here to help you solve your problem with just this simple remedy that you can make at home and it will work for you.

1. The first thing you have to do is to get your fresh guava leaves, any amount that you feel is enough for you and put into a pot

2. Now cut your Aidan and put it into that same pot and add water then boil it till the water turned brown.

3. Bring the pot down from fire and sieve it, you should take one cup in the morning before breakfast and in the night before bedtime, you should allow it to be warm before you drink.

Note: for a best results you should take this during your menstruation.

Another method you can use is the okra method which is also easy too all you have to do is get your okra the amount you feel that is okay for you, then cut it into pieces and put into a plastic jar and leave it for overnight.

In the morning sieve it and then start drinking it immediately after the menstruation is over. You should take this for 3days .

Good space management skills
When The Room Is Small But The Owner Has Good Space Management Skills.
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A beautiful lady known as @happinessmgani913 shares a short video of her single room which she transformed into a Queen's court with a kitchen, New Fridge, TV, Cooker, Fine Cabinets, and more. She managed to add extra beauty and value to her single-room space making it extremely stylish and good-looking.

Well, I think she has done a great job with arranging her room which makes her a DIY(do it yourself) interior decor designer. The room looks really beautiful.

 Check out the reactions from other netizens 👇

Olabimpe Faith Gbemi said: "You call this simple? All I see is an expensive room."

BridgetSelolo said: "If you feel her room is not enough abeg give her money to buy a mansion."

jud said: "To all who r shwng hate do u knw hw it is hard to fill such a room with such assets, gal ths house is beautiful actually good job." 

Bmempire said: "Beautiful but kitchen in the same room is not for me, imagine ur shirt smelling like stew or okra."

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There are different ways you can take care of your health issues without going to hospital,  with just things that you can find in your kitchen or market close to you

Below are the homemade remedies you should consider trying

* chew on a small slice of fresh ginger root or suck on ginger candies to overcome dizziness.
* soak 7 almonds in water overnight. Peel them and grind into a smooth paste, add in glass of milk and boil. Drink warm for low blood pressure.
*simmer a few slices of fresh ginger in 2 cup boiling water for 10 minutes. let it cool and then drink the tea 3 times a day for upset stomach. 

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