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Pejoweb Has Made A Good Decision That Will Please All Writers.
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Pejoweb has made a good decision that will please all writers. 
Pejoweb has taken a good step, and we hope that something good will come from it.
My advice to Pejoweb is that when they start updating Pejoweb, they should add earn pay posts and earn pay sharing posts, because we are having issues with Facebook when we share Pejoweb articles on Facebook. Because Facebook has blocked my account nearly three times for sharing a Pejoweb article on Facebook. 
So, Pejoweb, you must address the issues that your writers are experiencing on Facebook. I hope my suggestions are taken into consideration. 
My follow Pejoweb writers your advice is needed because Pejoweb cannot succeed without their writers; if you have any advice to give Pejoweb, please drop it in the comments section. Thank you. 
My Mother Doesn't Want Me To Marry My Current Girlfriend.
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I’ve been seeing this lady for three years now and I only introduced her to my family a year ago and well they stalked her and found out that she drinks and gos out, and they said that she’s not an ideal woman to marry well I disagree because most of the times, we go out together and I’m the one who buys the drinks for her, I’m the one who takes pictures and videos of her while drinking. She’s an amazing woman, she is one of the best things to ever happen to me and she really makes me happy in all the areas. She’s hard working and ambitious, she’s great with kids, she’s like a professional chef in the kitchen, she knows how to manage money, she’s not too materialistic, she’s organized and clean, she knows how to take care of me and herself, she knows how to handle conflicts and she knows how to calm me down. She knows what to say to make me smile when I’m having a bad day and most importantly, she prays for me and with me. I’ve tried to convince my mother but she still doesn’t want her to be her daughter in law. I love my mom and I love my woman. I just want her to accept her for me. What can I do?

Read comment and drop your advice. 
Heart Affairs: What's The Secret Of Success?
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So today I woke up with so many questions of Life...✨👌
I couldn't provide concrete answers So I came here to seek answers.😣

"Why are some people more successful than others?? Huh?🤔

"Why do some people Make more Money,Live happier Lives and even accomplish much more in the same number of years than the great majority??🤔

"Why do Many people work so hard and yet achieve just so little?? 😩💔
"Is Life really unfair? Or... 😔


What can you say about this painful facts and questions of Life??
Let's hear you!
Let's talk about this!
Drop your views and opinions in the comment section....

Min.of Heart Affairs 🤝


Ugent 50k
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Fams and families out there, can you please help me with any sum of money you have...
Am hopeless, so broke..
I need help....
Bank name :
Union Bank 
Account number;
My name:
Bundepuun GodBless Sughter

Thank you as you will willingly help...
Change Is Needed For This Pejoweb Platform
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Change Is Needed for This Pejoweb Platform
The reason I said that Pejoweb needs to change is because, despite writing for it for more than two years, I haven't made more than 15,000 Naira from it. This is because the earnings on the site are too low. 
In order to attract more writers and readers to the platform, I advise Pejoweb to raise the platform's earnings. 
My favorite Pejoweb authors If you have any advice for Pejoweb, please leave it in the comment section. 
I appreciate you reading my essay.

Please don't forget to drop your comments on the comments sector. Thank you. 
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A perverse manipulator; deceit and deceit are the daily bread of all those who make manipulation an art, a lifestyle whose ultimate goal is to annihilate the other. These are spiders that weave their web well, waiting for the next victim.

The perverse manipulator act through manipulation and deception to make their victim perform actions that are exclusively beneficial to the manipulator alone. They take advantage of others for selfish purposes. These manipulators feel no guilt for what they do as everything is aimed at satisfying their ego. They manipulate the love victim with false tenderness, and after having conquered him/her they feed on them in a selfish ways. The victims are undermined and weakened in their weak points and, consequently, they plunge into a negative spiral from which they do not escape without trauma. 

How to identify a perverse manipulator

The clue that makes us understand if we are dealing with a perverse manipulator is the feeling of suffocation, the constant presence of criticisms, insinuations, sarcasm which have as final purpose to destroy the self-esteem of the victim up to the inability to live. The manipulator enjoys the humiliation of others and will never want to question himself, they do not accept any criticism, and they prefer to criticize and accuse rather than confront each other in an adult and mature way.

The tools of manipulation

The most common manipulation tools are:

Tool 1: Emotional blackmail and threats 

This is an effective bargaining chip, that is subtle at times imperceptible, but in the long run one gets the impression of being imprisoned in a relationship mode that does not give freedom of choice since every gesture is evaluated and measured according to personal selfish gains.

Tool 2: Lies and flattery

When compliments and appreciations arrive in quantity and limited in time, your manipulator most likely wants to get something from you. It is essential to remember the difference between affection and kindness, the first is a deep feeling, the second is a behavior that does not necessarily coincide with a genuine feeling.

Tool 3: Denigration 

It is a continuous and meticulous process, aimed at denigrating the partner, undermining their self-esteem by restoring a negative self-image that over time will end up making its own.

Tool 4: Intrusiveness 

It involves the manipulator always imposing his/her self in the victim's place and meddling in his/her choices and decisions without taking the victim's point of view into consideration.

Tool 5: The back to the wall

It is the technique that closes the dialogue by highlighting the contradictions of the arguments, manipulating their victims in such a way as to make the other pass as an incoherent person with unclear ideas.

Tool 6: Induced dependence

It includes both emotional and material dependence, both aiming at weakening and undermining the autonomy and independence of the partner by highlighting their weaknesses and errors.

If in any way you recognize one of these behaviours in anyone you are dealing with, begin to think that you are dealing with a perverse manipulator and immediately run for cover. You can also get this Free eBook to help you understand manipulations and how to avoid them.