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Few Things Women Should Know About Men
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Yes , it's true that it might be quite a challenge for women to understand men.However once u get to know a few of the basics,it becomes much easier to understand a man. Well there are some things guys wish girls knew and a few of these are enlisted below..Knowing these things and understanding them can go a long way in understanding a guy and building a better relationship with your man.

1. Guys are more emotional than they appear to be, if they ever loved you at any point of time,it will take them much longer to let go of you than you think, and it hurts them immensely each moment that they try.

2. No matter how many women a guy flirts with all day, he will surely think about the girl he truly cares about before he falls asleep 

3. Be specific. Guys ain't mind readers nor do they "read between the lines".if you want your guy to know about something then say it.

4. Guys don't like to be used as tools to make others jealous.

5. Guys hates it when girls smoke, especially if the girl in question means alot to him.

6. If you don't want to know the truth, don't ask guys questions, they say it as it is.

7. Guys gets possessive when they're serious about their relationship.

8. A movie isn't real .do not expect a guy to do or say everything that is said In movies. It takes countless drafts and revisions for groups of people to come up with just one of those sweet lines that are said in movies.

9. If a guy sacrifices his health and sleep just to be with you or talk to you, it means that he loves you more than you can imagine.

10. Not all guys are jerks, just because you have met a couple of jerks it doesn't mean that they all are..
Giving Money To Your Man Makes Him Lazy. Do You Agree?
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A Ugandan female marriage counselor has told women to avoid giving their husbands money.

The Ugandan counselor identified as Zaituni Kakyama, said in a TV interview that even if a woman can afford to help her partner financially, she should not do so W.T. H.  

According to her, God made women to have a desire for more than they need, particularly clothing and shoes, so that men are driven to work continually and not become lazy.

Kakyama added that men should let women spend their money so it can make them work harder for more. She also urged women to put their egos aside and remain committed and polite to their spouses, no matter how successful they are.

She said;

Whether she gets more money than he does, he has to take care of his wife and family as a head.

“I don’t give my man money because when I do, that leads to his destruction when he gets into the comfort zone of being given.

You find women from such marriages saying their men don’t love them.

Remember how you convinced that woman to marry you, small things matter.” 

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Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Partner
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These skills of manipulation have been passed down and are still being utilised to prey on unsuspecting people. Here are signs that you are being manipulated by your significant other.


Have you ever apologised for what you didn’t do? Do you constantly Fd yourself questioning your reality, thoughts, and words every single time you are with your significant other? You might just be experiencing gaslighting. Gaslighting is emotional abuse that eats away at one’s self-esteem. Manipulative people have honed this skill into an art form and will continually use it until you are heavily dependent and questioning your existence.



“Michael, if you love me, you would buy me that car”. Does this line sound familiar? Do you happen to be Micheal? Every time your partner needs you to do something you are not okay with, they question your love, threaten to leave, kill themself or make your life a living hell. Love based on conditions is not loved. And if your partner is comfortable making you do detrimental things, then they don’t have your best interest at heart. Learn to put yourself first. You are worth that much.


Constant emotional outburst 

Emotional outbursts come with the territory, but this natural endowment can be turned into a weapon. Sometimes, people sail through any argument or confrontation and come out on top when this weapon is used. For instance, any time you call them out for their wrongdoing, just at that moment you are about to table your matter, they conveniently burst into a pool of tears. Now, you spend the time figuring out how to make your partner stop crying. With this power, tables do turn. 


Silent treatment

Withdrawing or withholding one’s presence, support, or voice until you do exactly what they want is torture that no one deserves. The silent treatment is most times mixed with a lethal dose of passive aggressiveness which is characterized by your significant other giving physical cues like pouting, bursting into loud laughter, being sarcastic or anything just so you would ask “what is wrong?” with them and receive a gut-wrenching “I’m fine”. The main goal is for them not to come out directly and say what they feel. Very immature, don’t you think? After all, miscommunication ruins what could have been a great relationship.


Lying and blame game

One of the requirements of being an exceptional manipulator is being good at lying and passing the blame. A manipulator possesses the ability to think up stories on their feet and never take responsibility for their actions. If your partner ticks these boxes, we wish you strength because you are in a relationship with a manipulator.



At the beginning of a relationship, it is normal to want to spend all your time with your significant other. But it begins to become a problem when your world revolves around them such that you can’t function without them. If your partner makes you detach from all your friends and family, becomes god over your affairs, you need to run for your life, not waltz, RUN. Once you lose your choice, you are now in a faulty relationship, which in itself is highly toxic.

The traits mentioned above are expressed in both gender so ensure you note the red flags and stay clear. If you’re already in said situation, you can either run or stay and work it out but have collateral by getting yourself a therapist. 

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Seven Golden Ways To Make Your Relationship Last Longer
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7 Golden Ways To Make Your Relationship Last Longer
Is there a way to what exactly makes a few connections last longer than others? Perhaps. Do certain individuals simply pause for a moment and mope, while others appear to release life by directly look pass their issues? It sure appears so. Or then again perhaps its simply that certain individuals gain mysteries of progress from their grandparents or different family members or companions. Also since the last option is presumably more exact, here are a few time tested tips from individuals who have delighted in lengthy, cheerful connections. But here are 7 golden rules to me your relationship standout from others & also make it last longer. 

 Take your  time to think back, revive your recollections and offer what united you. Particularly when times are troublesome, recline and depend on these old recollections as your establishment and paste yourselves back along with them. (not in a real sense, obviously!)

Keep dating one another. Regardless of whether life appears to be excessively occupied, meet toward the finish of the evening for something light and simple, such as review your beloved first date (record it if essential) together or playing love without even thinking of what people are saying .

3. FUN
 Couple will quite often have a good time on dates, then, at that point, get hitched and excessively intense. Ease up. Head to video Games store ( it doesn't  have to be video game) and participate in quite a few card or different games. Or then again head to a neighborhood rental shop and lease a Xbox or other game player and a few games.

No compelling reason to continuously recollect the awful things that occurred during a previous fight or disagreement. Effectively forget now and again. Be quick to apologize and make up. Pull out all the stops!

 Give each other some space. Possibly you trust or you dont. However, continue ahead with life. Individuals need time alone and time with their mates and different companions. Make it  always certain to compromise your reasonable portion of room.

 That its OK to differ on certain issues, and leave it at that. No compelling reason to make another religion or political development just to assuage both of you. You dont HAVE to settle on everything. Also you wont. Also that is OK.

Make some together. Appreciate unique minutes, extraordinary commemoration dates and occasions. No should be intricate. For instance, perhaps you appreciated watching a tourist balloon race one spring day. The following year, you could plan time to watch it once more. Make it a yearly occasion. Gather postcards with inflatables on the, playing a card game, throw pillows over time it turns into a topic.

So dont simply pause for a minute or two and pout. Find short ways to work on your connections and let lifes issue slowly go by while you hold to your relationship.

Further developing connections require knowing how to treat your partner well & how to get it done. On the off chance that you follow a few time tested tips, it is conceivable you can likewise work on your connections.

If you would like more relationship tips kindly say more below & also donate to encourage me to write more. (any amount will be of great appreciation ) 
Things Every Man Should Do After Intercourse To Maintain A Healthy Private Part
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When a guy has intercourse, his body goes through a lot of changes. Intercourse is a sexual interaction between a man and a woman in which they engage in s£x. Intimacy with your partner is good for your health and well-being.

What you do after a sexual encounter is critical to the health of your private organs as a guy. As a result, many men suffer from a variety of health issues, including early discharge, erectile dysfunction, inability to maintain a stable s£x life, and the usual sexually transmitted infections. The following are things to do immediately following intercourse in order to keep your reproductive organs in good health.

Empty your bladder.

Bacteria can enter your urethra, the tube that drains pee from your body during sexual contact. You run the risk of getting sick because of this. When you urinate, those germs are flushed out of your body. After a few minutes of snoozing with your loved one, try to head to the bathroom. If you're a woman, wash from front to back to prevent bacterial infection from spreading.

Clean up Sexual Playthings You've Been Using

Some microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, have been found to be able to survive in the environment. This means that the devices you use during sexual contact have the potential to transmit diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other types of infections. After playing with a toy, check the label for instructions on how to clean it. To keep germs from spreading, it's best not to share toys with others. If you're going to share it, using a new condom each time you play with the toy is a good idea.

Sip on Some Water

Drink plenty of water after your hayride because it's common knowledge that you'll pee afterward. Because the more hydrated you are, the more bacteria your body is able to flush out before an infection develops. Drinking a glass of water shortly after sex will help replenish your energy and keep you healthy, as more energy and power are lost during sex.


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4 Ways To Satisfy Your Woman
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(These photos are for demonstration purposes)

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Most men have been looking for ways to make their women satisfied, but they don't know how to go about it, so I will be listing a few steps you can follow to make your woman feel happy and satisfied below.

1. Sincere compliments.

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Compliment your woman, tell her she is beautiful every day, and send her good morning text because women love getting compliments from the man they love.

So a man always praises his woman because that will make her feel valued and happy. Always tell her how smart she is, that will boost her love for you and also make her feel satisfied.

2. Make time for her.

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Never allow your woman to feel alone in the relationship because you spend more time on yourself, friends, or family. A good woman won't try to control you but she'll take notes as to where you place priority and add/remove accordingly.

Real men always have time for their women no matter what. Even if he's busy he'll find a way to make time for her

3. Do everything possible to remind her that you love her.

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Talk respectfully, don't make her feel like she is less important, listen to her, Compliment her, try to show interest in things she enjoys, consider her opinion before making a decision. Always tell her those sweet words she wants to hear.

Also, make her understand that she is your number one priority, but not only tell her, also show her how important she is in your life because such will also make her feel satisfied and happy.

4. Pay attention to her complaints.

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A woman is fully capable of being faithful. Temptation is not our weakness. All she wants is love, attention, honesty, and loyalty. Before she cheats, she'll wine, cry and complain about all the things that make her unhappy. A warning before destruction.

Women love their men to always pay attention to them while they are talking or bringing complaints and most importantly make sure the words you are going to say to her won't end up hurting her feelings