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Useful Information From CBN Against Bank Account Hacker
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In case you find yourself in the hands of 419, yahoo boys, or phone snatchers, that you think they may hack into your account for fund withdrawals. There is now a way out to stop debit transactions on your account by yourself. 
Just be sure that you know your account number offhand or retrieve it where you might have written it (in case you don't know it offhand) 
If it is your phone that is stolen just try and use any available cellphone from anyone else.

 *Dial *966*911#*
Once you dial the code, it will prompt you with this message: *eaZybanking - Stop Debit Transactions*
Enter Account Number:

Enter your  account number and press OK or Send. By doing this your account will be automatically frozen from any type of debit transactions immediately. 
You can no longer withdraw money until you go to the bank yourself.
*Pls share this information to other groups.* 
Thank you.👍🏾
See The Rank Of Police Force And Their Symbol
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The following are the ranks of the Nigeria Police with their symbols arranged in ascending order of seniority. The rank of constable is the most junior and has no symbol so it is not inclusive in this article.

1. Corporal

Second most junior rank in the police force. It is the rank superior to the rank of Lance Corporal.Here is the batch representing the rank.

2. Sergeant

This is the 3rd most junior rank of the Police Force. It is superior to the first two and junior to Sergeant Major.

 3. Sergeant Major

This is the fourth rank of the force and that is superior to Sergeant. It is the first rank that carries a symbol different from the first three. See the rank below.

4. Inspector

There are three ranks under the Inspector rank represented by the badges below. The first one indicates the Cadet Inspector, the second represents the unconfirmed Inspector, while the third badge indicates a confirmed Inspector. The fourth is for the principal Inspectors and the last is reserved for the Chief Inspectors.

5. Assistant Superintendent

There are two ranks under this rank. The first picture is for an Assistant Superintendent who is on probation while the second one is for the confirmed Assistant Superintendent. It is also the first rank of Cadet Officer cadre of the force.

6. Deputy Superintendent

The rank superior to Assistant Superintendent and next to the Superintendent rank. It is a senior rank in the force.

7. Superintendent

This is the fourth highest rank in the force and the second highest among the Superintendent after Chief Chief Superintendent.

8.Chief Superintendent

This is a senior officer rank which is the highest of the Superintendent and is the third highest rank in the force only junior to the Commissioners and Inspectors General.

9. Commissioner of Police

This is the second highest rank of the force. It is divided into three ranks whose rank symbols are shown below. The first badge is for an Assistant Commissioner, the second for an Assistant Commissioner the third for the commissioner himself. The Commissioner is the head of the Police in a state.

10. Inspector General

There are three ranks under this ranks and the highest in the Police Force as shown by the symbols below. The first badge is for Assistant Inspector General, the second is for deputy Inspectors General and the third is the Inspector General himself.

However, The Inspector General is the head of the Police Force and is appointed by the current President of Nigeria.

A Nigeria Minister Strips His Workers Because Of 5k Theft
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Ex-Minister, Kenneth Gbagi strips hotel Staff naked over alleged N5k theft in Delta
by Crime Focus   September 23, 2020 2 min read


A former Nigerian Minister of State for Education, Kenneth Gbagi, has been accused of stripping his hotels staff naked over alleged N5,000 theft.

The politician reportedly arrested the four workers named, Gloria Oguzie, Victor Ephraim, Rosslyn Okiemute and Achibong Precious, who worked in his Signatious Hotel, Warri, Delta State, after subjecting them to dehumanizing treatment.

Source  learnt that Gbagi, who is reportedly nursing a 2023 governorship ambition in Delta State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, last week Friday arrested the workers after they were striped naked, photographed inside the hotel before being taken away by the police to Ebrumede Police Station where they were locked up.
Speaking with newsmen, a member of staff of the hotel revealed that his colleagues were arrested by the former minister over the alleged theft of the of 5,000 naira.

He said, “My boss, former Minister of State for Education and owner of Signatious Hotel, Chief Kenneth Gbagi, arrested four of my colleagues working for him over the stealing of N5,000 from the hotel when actually the N5,000 was given as a gift to them by a guest because of their good behaviour.”

“Before they were arrested by the police on Friday last week at the hotel, the four staff were stripped naked while they were photographed in the presence of the police.

“We learnt that the dehumanizing treatment was instructed by our boss.”
It was further gathered that the hotel management forcefully made some withdrawals from the bank accounts of the four staff through their ATM cards before the police took them away in a waiting van.


30,000 Graduates Get FG’s Agriculture Extension Service Jobs
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President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the employment of over 30,000 graduates who would be trained on how to render extension services to farmers, collect soil samples and conduct soil test across the country.
The executive secretary of National Land Development Agency (NALDA), Prince Paul Ikonne, disclosed this during a media chat in Abuja.
He said the graduates who would be engaged under the National Young Farmers Scheme would embark on two weeks intensive training free of charge.
“They will be trained intensively for two weeks on soil sample collection and soil tests for them to acquire knowledge in the soil test and soil collection,” he said.
The NALDA boss said the graduates would have backgrounds in agriculture and Sciences.
He said after the training, the graduates would be given soil test kits and the soil collection samples kits at the end of the training.
He explained that farmers will be made to pay as low as N500 per sample collected, while NALDA will shoulder the rest including soil test kits and the soil collection samples kits.
“Fertiliser dealers take advantage of that to sell all kinds of fertilisers to farmers, at the end of the day the desired yield will not be achieved.
“We cannot achieve food security without understanding our soil, without getting our farmers to know what the soil requires.
“What this soil doctors will be doing is they will go to every farmland, meet farmers in their farms to conduct soil test first before any farming season in order to know what nutrient that the soil requires and what type of fertiliser the crop will need, with that we will begin to engage in the best agricultural practices.
“Nigerian agricultural sector has suffered over the years due to the absence of extension workers.”
“Over the years farmers go to the farm just do their normal thing, open the soil put their maize or their wheat without a soil test to ascertain the nutrient that the soil requires.
“Extension service providers are one of the key services that we have been missing in farming generally.
“The President has mandated NALDA to make sure that our soils begin to yield maximum output and farmers begin to get their returns on investment,” he said.
Urinating On The Road Side Should Be Addressed.
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It is like we are just pushing this topic aside I think it should be addressed.

Why will a woman or man just open up along the road or street and start urinating. It's really disgusting. 

Yesterday, while I was on the road. A matured lady who should be in her forties ran pass me. Thinking something was happening at front I turned back to run but Instead I saw this lady urinating in the nearby gutter. I turned immediately and continued walking. How did she do that? She didn't even felt shame. Why not hold it, or look for a near bush.

I think the government should also look into this. Anyone caught in action should be arrested , maybe this will serve as a lesson.

Life Returning To Normal In Nigeria, SA, Others As COVID-19 Fears Linger
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“Things are getting back to normal, even though it will never be like it was before,” says a relieved Petunia Maseko, relaxing in a bar in South Africa’s Soweto township.

Africa has weathered the coronavirus pandemic relatively well in terms of infections and deaths, though its economies have been badly ravaged.

While many nations ease their COVID-19 measures and citizens dare to breathe a little easier, experts are warning against letting the continent’s success lapse into complacency.

There was plenty of celebrating at The Black and White Lifestyle Pub in Soweto on Friday as the first weekend of spring coincided with South Africa’s transition to its lowest level of lockdown.

The continent’s hardest-hit nation, South Africa has reeled under one of the world’s strictest lockdowns.

“It was tough staying in for six months without socialising,” said Maseko, a 21-year-old engineering student wearing a brightly coloured Ndebele traditional outfit.

But virus measures were followed, with masked revellers getting their temperatures checked at the bar’s entrance.

Sanitising gel in hand, 26-year-old DJ Tiisetso Tenyane was delighted to finally play in front of a live audience after months of live-streaming shows.

“I’ve been craving to play for the people again,” he said.

He said that face masks are “the only sign left that there ever was a pandemic”.

On the rest of the African continent, daily life varies vastly between strict observance of health measures and total relaxation.

– ‘Back to our habits’ –

“We don’t care about corona,” Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara said, oblivious to listening microphones, when he kissed a party official last month in front of thousands of people in clear defiance of virus restrictions.

Although masks are still compulsory, that rule is “not respected anywhere or almost anywhere” in Ivory Coast, a health worker said on condition of anonymity.

“The hysteria is gone and the state no longer communicates much about the subject”.

In DR Congo’s capital Kinshasa, taking temperatures and washing hands are still the norm in the residential district of Gombe, which is also the city’s diplomatic and economic centre.

But in working-class communities, masks are being pushed down to the chin and people are shaking hands again.

For many the latest buzz phrase is “corona eza te”, which translates to “there is no corona” in the local Lingala.

In West African’s Burkina Faso, 43-year-old fish seller Ousmane Ouedraogo said he can’t wear a mask forever.

“We tried to wear it every day but it was the authorities who set the example by acting as if the disease was over. So we’re going back to our habits,” he said.

Nobody uses the hand-washing station at the entrance to Guillaume Traore’s restaurant in Burkina’s capital Ouagadougou.

“When you remind a customer, he tells you that the coronavirus does not exist,” he said.

In Chad and Gabon, many wear masks low down, covering only the mouth or just the chin, only to hastily lift them up when they come across the police.

In churches, mosques and markets, people jostle into each other. In the evening, however, a strict curfew remains in place.

– ‘Be very careful’ –

In the megacity Lagos of Africa’s most populous country Nigeria, civil servant Isiaka Okesanya said he now regularly forgets to wear his mask.

“It’s like God has helped us to get rid of the disease. We no longer read about those big figures of deaths,” the 41-year-old told AFP.

But Emmanuel Akinyemi, director of Lagos-based Estate Clinic, said that “coronavirus is real and is still very much around us”.

Health Minister Osagie Ehanire said last week that while Nigeria’s daily infection figures have been trending downwards, “we, unfortunately, cannot afford to rejoice or speak of success”.

The World Health Organization’s Africa regional director Matshidiso Moeti said the continent has been spared “an exponential spread of Covid-19 as many initially feared”.

However, John Nkengasong, director of Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, warned that “we also have to be very careful that we do not over-project any successes”.

In West Africa’s Senegal, life has almost returned to normal since June.

This is in stark contrast to Rwanda, where one of the strictest lockdowns is still in place and police make arrests for “not wearing masks properly”.

In northern Africa, Morocco remains in lockdown, especially economic capital Casablanca, where large neighbourhoods are tightly sealed off.

Eastern Africa’s Kenya is meanwhile reopening its bars and allowing restaurants to sell alcohol again as infections drop.

“We are the most vulnerable and fragile at the moment where we think we have won,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Monday.

“If we have won one battle against Covid-19, we have not yet won the war.”