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Google And Mozilla Are Ready For Chrome And Firefox Version 100 To Break Some Websites
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Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are about to hit version 100, in a triple release that could break some websites. The move to version 100 in the coming weeks could result in bugs or compatibility issues on some websites not ready to read triple-digit user-agent strings. Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft are busy trying preempt any big issues.
Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft have been warning about the upcoming version 100 release for months, which is about to drop in March for both Chrome and Edge, followed by Firefox in May. Mozilla and Google have both been running experiments to test websites and report breakages. There’s a running list of issues, which is fairly small right now, and Engadget notes that the notable sites affected include HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo.
“When browsers first reached version 10 a little over 12 years ago, many issues were discovered with User-Agent parsing libraries as the major version number went from one digit to two,” explains a team of web developers in a Mozilla blog. Much like the infamous Y2K bug that made the year 2000 indistinguishable from 1900 for some computers, browsers have different formats for user-agent strings, and “it’s possible that some parsing libraries may have hard-coded assumptions or bugs that don’t take into account three-digit major version numbers.”

While there are concerns around some websites breaking, a lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes — much like what happened to avoid major headaches with the Y2K bug 22 years ago — to make the transition to version 100 go smoothly. Developers can enable a special flag in current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to make the browsers report as version 100 and aid in testing sites.

There are also plans in place if there are widespread issues. Mozilla says it will either hot fix broken websites or temporarily freeze Firefox’s major version at 99 if breakages are widespread and unmanageable. Google’s backup plan is to use a flag to freeze the major version at 99, and Microsoft hasn’t detailed a backup plan as far as we can tell.

Google Introduces Chrome OS Flex On Windows, Others
~2.2 mins read

Google has introduced Chrome OS flex on Windows, Mac and Linus that are manufactured over the last 10 or more years to enable users enjoy features available on Chrome OS device. According to Google’s blog post, the development would be available on certified model list to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience.

The new Chrome OS Flex is aimed at enterprises and educational users who aims to prolong the lifetime of their existing devices, it allows anyone with access to a USB device to use it to give an older PC a new lease on life.

Meanwhile, Google said that the development is still in the testing phase and is not necessarily available on all systems yet. It stated, “Chrome OS Flex is currently released for early access testing and is not suitable for production use. is available for immediate stable deployment. Google will automatically update CloudReady devices to Chrome OS Flex, when Chrome OS Flex is stable.”

It added that some models might not yet work at all, while others might have only minor issues – even models with no issues are potentially unstable and may not be deployed for production.

According to Google, model status verified to work are expected to work with Chrome OS Flex and these devices are only certified if their exact model name and number is included in the certified models list while models with minor issues expected are likely to support at least basic functionality, but are still being worked on by Google team, hence users may run into minor issues.

What you should know

Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex share underlying technology and management tools. When you install Chrome OS Flex on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices, you get most of the features and benefits of Chrome OS. However, Chrome OS Flex has some important differences compared to Chrome OS, which is only available on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebases.

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Cinque Terre
This Useful IPhone Trick Lets You Copy Text From Photos
~2.0 mins read

Just by taking a photo with your iPhone, you can digitize a recipe, handwritten notes and more.

There's a better way to digitize handwritten notes, old family recipes or any other hard paper copy you may have lying around. I'm not talking about taking a photo of the note or recipe and attaching it to an email. There's an iPhone feature called Live Text that digitizes notes (and anything else) in a snap.

Live Text is a computer vision-based tool that lets your iPhone copy and paste photos from a text using its camera, among other features. Live Text, announced at Apple's virtual WWDC developer conference, came as one of the new features available in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 15.

Copying and pasting text from an image isn't exactly a new feature for smartphones. Android users might already be familiar with this functionality thanks to Google Lens, but for the tens of millions of people who use an iPhone, you're going to want to upgrade to iOS 15 immediately to take advantage of it.

Live Text is a little different from Google Lens, since you can use it in real time with your camera to select, copy and paste text, as the iPhone is trained to recognize useful information. As I said earlier, it makes for a helpful productivity tool for copying handwritten notes or text from images and then digitizing them.


How To Copy And Paste Text From A Photo

1. Make sure the iPhone has iOS 15 installed. 

2. Point the camera at a subject that has any text you want to copy. You'll know Live Text has kicked in once you see a yellow outline around the text.

3. Tap on the Live Text icon on the lower right to interact with any text in the frame, select the text you want to copy by pressing down, the same as you would in Notes or a text message. Then hit Copy.

4. Now you can paste this text into another app such as Gmail or Notes.

Much like Google Lens, Live Text can also search for text in images stored in the Photos app. For instance, if there's a phone number in an image, you can tap it to dial the number, or if there's a French word, you can translate it to English. 

How To Change Your Snapchat Username
~2.8 mins read

While setting up a Snapchat account, one should be careful with the username. Once created, it is very difficult to get a new Snapchat username.

When it comes to Snapchat, users are very selective in terms of their username. But once set, can the Snapchat username be changed? Over the years, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media applications. It enables users to communicate with photo messages (called Snaps) or videos instead of text messages. Additionally, users can also try AR-based lenses and other filters on the application that make pictures interesting and add fun to the overall experience of using the app.

The platform was launched back in 2011, roughly a year after Instagram came into existence. Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world are using Snapchat on a daily basis. It is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To set up, new users need to create a username for their Snapchat account and enter a few basic details such as their date of birth and phone number. Once done, users can add their friends, customize their display name, follow content creators and explore the endless number of filters and lenses available to click Snaps. To clarify, username and display name are two different attributes that are linked to a Snapchat account.

For those who wish to download Snapchat in the future, or for users who are looking for ways to change their Snapchat username, it is unfortunately not possible to do so.

On its official support page, Snapchat says that:

"it's not possible to change your username."

As a Snapchat username is completely unique and is linked to the email ID of the user, it is used as an identifier across the app and hence cannot be changed. In addition, users cannot transfer their account data, Memories, or Snapstreaks from one username to another. For users who really don't want to use Snapchat with their current username, the only option is to delete their account and create a new Snapchat account with a fresh username, losing their account history in the process.


Is There An Alternative To Changing The Snapchat Username?

Even though users cannot change their Snapchat username, they can still change their display name. While a username helps Snapchat to recognize an account on the platform, the display name helps friends and other users to recognize the account. 

To change their display name in Snapchat, users can open the application and head over to the My Profile section. In the menu that opens, tap on the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) at the top right corner of the screen. 

Over here, users will find multiple fields that contain information linked to their Snapchat account, including the display name, username, birthday, mobile number, and email ID. By tapping on the field titled Name, users can view, edit and remove their display name.

A Snapchat account's display name can be changed by the user anytime they want. However, there is a catch. On the official support page, Snapchat says that "Snapchatters will continue to see the display name you chose when they first added you, but new friends should see your updated display name." Consider this another reason to be careful while setting up a Snapchat account. Snapchat also advises content creators to follow its best practice guidelines while creating their display name.

Tesla Phone
~0.7 mins read
I already believe we all know the company Tesla and the billionaire owner's name. 

Tesla is a great name being the first maker of electric car. The company has been doing wonderful and  is not relenting,as is now moving to write it's name in the book of mobile phone maker and as your guess as mine,the product will be a Bomb!

The Tesla Phone model 'Pi' is rumored to be the strong competitor to Samsung and iPhone and it's believed by techies over the world positively that it's going to be a Win!
Curiously, I know you are to find out more about the phone.

Tesla Rumored Price: $800-$1000

Phone model: Pi

Phone Features: Solar charging, Crypto mining, Vehicle control, Satellite internet, Astrophotography, Neural link support

 Phone charger: Solar charging.

What do you think about this phone and hope it would change the phase of mobile phones? 
Read and like. Thanks

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Cinque Terre
FG Extends Deadline For NIN-SIM Linkage By Three Months
~1.2 mins read

The federal government has extended the deadline for the ongoing national identification number (NIN) and subscriber identity module (SIM) integration exercise by three months.

The new deadline is March 31, 2022.

Minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Ali Pantami conveyed the decision of the federal government in a statement on Friday.

The statement was jointly signed by Ikechukwu Adinde, director of public affairs at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), and Kayode Adegoke, head of corporate communications at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The minister said the extension was granted based on requests by stakeholders, including citizens, legal residents and Nigerians in the diaspora.

Pantami also disclosed that 71 million Nigerians had obtained their NIN, with an average of three to four SIMs per NIN.