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Here's Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Social Media Influencers

Most people just rush to join a business or register for something because it was recommended or advertised by a celebrity or an Influencer online. That shouldn't be the case.

Make your research if the product is good enough. If the platform is legitimate, if the platform has served previous customers well.

I have seen people getting ripped off after registering for something recommended by an influencer, I have seen people getting products that actually don't work. Whether it is a weight loss product, a beauty product, an item etc. When they come crying that they wasted their money etc. Nobody will believe them over the celebrity. Let me personalize this.

Nobody will believe you over that celebrity or influencer. The die hard fans will even insult you and say you are searching for clout or trying to ruin the influencers reputation. Even if you have a partner that was affected also, two or three affected individuals won't be able to convince the entire fans or audience about such a product or service recommended by that influencer being a hoax or fraud or poor in quality.

It is the truth that most of these social media influencers, just collect money and promote products and services, I mean, who get time dey research stuff when money dey involved right?
If they won't research the legitimacy of something. Do so before dabbling.

So, yes! MAKE YOUR RESEARCH. Check for the review of that person online, check for that service online and see if it is a working service or a scam, good thing Nairaland is a sweet platform for asking questions of any kind and is broad enough for people to share experiences.

I am sure I have done enough justice with this explanation. Comment if you have more to say or Input about this. Positive or Negative, we gather dey.

All these is just for your online safety and your awareness.

If you want to watch more videos and get more awareness on related topics.

Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel where I talk on Online Safety and expose scams used on Nigerians, this is all so you don't fall Maga.

Thanks for reading.

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xmocrew (Basic)   4 days ago

xmocrew (Basic)   4 days ago

Nwaforjude (Basic)   4 days ago
Nice information

Nwaforjude (Basic)   4 days ago
Well said bro

xmocrew (Basic)   4 days ago
Very informative

xmocrew (Basic)   4 days ago
Nice one

xmocrew (Basic)   4 days ago
Thanks for sharing


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