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Essential Tips To Manage Your Heart Health During This Chilly Days

When you live in a cold environment, your body makes certain physiological adjustments to maintain its own body temperature. These adjustments made by the body can be challenging for people with heart problems. Winter can cause, among other things:


*Get your heart rate up

*Increases the chance of blood clots forming.

*Increase your blood pressure.

*It makes your heart to work harder

Tips for managing heart health in cold conditions

The above factors can be very detrimental to your heart health. Although everyone is advised to use proper treatment in a cold environment, precautions are very important, especially if you have heart problems. Here' s a plan for keeping your heart in tiptop shape on those chilly days.

Limit your exposure to cold

It' s good to exercise in cold weather if you have heart problems. Try to get frequent breaks and stay warm. Wear woolen clothes, hats, and gloves. Or wear layers and even full socks. Keep your house warm. Watch out for heart attack symptoms such as chest pain, nausea, and even drowsiness. Avoid exercising in cold weather. Instead, focus on indoor exercises. Don' t do simple exercise.

Monitor your blood pressure every day

If you are the type of person who has high blood pressure problems, it is very important to monitor your numbers as this can help minimize the risk of heart attack. Hence, you need to start taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor at the right time.

Limit your alcohol content and avoid smoking altogether

Alcohol can widen the blood vessels in the skin and make you warmer by removing heat from vital organs in the body. Smoking also causes atherosclerosis. Not only that, those who smoke can also have heart attacks. Smoking reduces oxygen flow to the heart, increasing heart rate and blood pressure.

Follow a heart healthy diet

Choose fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and legumes. Drink hot soup or eat warm food. Avoid eating salty or sweet foods. Say NO to processed, junk, and fatty foods. Cut back on saturated fat and maintain an optimal body weight.

Cold temperatures cause physiological stress for everyone. If you have heart disease, low temperatures can be dangerous or even life threatening. Try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation as these will reduce stress and help you calm down


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